Awards of Recognition July 2017

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Impact documentary Film Festival

July 2017

Akos Ostor (USA), In My Mother’s House, Documentary Feature
Alex Roberts and Andrew Sherwood (USA), Innocence Lost: Stories from Children of the Holocaust, Documentary Short (Student), History / Biographical (Student), Religion / Ethics (Student), Viewer Impact: Motivational / Inspirational (Student), Viewer Impact: Content / Message Delivery (Student), Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Alexander Guo (USA), The Road to Our Roots, Documentary Feature
Amir Har-Gil (Israel), Jerusalem In Line, Documentary Feature
Andy Galloway (USA), The Eviction, Documentary Short
Angelena Bonet (Australia), Angelena: Change The World, Documentary Feature
Bayou Bennett and  Daniel Lir  (USA), Hope For the World Foundation, Documentary Short
Burt Chojnowski (USA), Tirthraj, Documentary Feature and Kora, Documentary Feature
Claudine Pommier (Canada), The Power of Art: Women’s Voices in Africa, Documentary Feature
Dana Plays (USA), The Longest Walk, Documentary Short
Danial Afzal (USA), The Survivor, Documentary Short
Eda Elif Tibet and Maisa Al Hafez (Turkey), Ballad for Syria, Documentary Feature
Edwin Brochin (USA), The Whisker Seeker, Documentary Feature
Emily Gerhardson (USA), Part Of Me Now: Living With Breast Cancer, Documentary Short
Ethan Huggins (USA), Turnaround Achievement Awards: Changing the Story for 30 Years, Documentary Short (Student)
Felipe Kowalczuk (Brazil), Channel Diaries, Documentary Feature
Griselda San Martin (USA), The Other Side, Documentary Short
Hady Zaccak (Lebanon), 104 wrinkles, Documentary Feature
Hannah Pascoe (Australia), The Unbearable Lightness of Meat Eating, Documentary Feature (Student)
Haylie Bantle (USA), Crop Swap Doc, Documentary Short (Student)

Impact Documentary Film Festival

Hendricksen Armand (USA), Cosplay: Behind The Mask, Documentary Short
Horia Hateg (Romania), #TravelWithMe, Documentary Feature
Ian Lapworth (United Kingdom), Dark Clouds Far Away, Documentary Short
Irina Patkanian (USA), Three Boats (three documentary poems), Documentary Short
Jacek Kruczkowski (Poland), 10.04.10 – with my own eyes, Documentary Feature
Jeffrey Teitler (USA), OFFICER DOWN, Documentary Short
Jenna Orkin (USA), EnGaged – Carolyn Gage On Stage and Off, Documentary Short
Joe Hoster, Edouard Lichtenauer and José Manuel Garcia (Switzerland), The other / L’autre, Documentary Short
John Akre (USA), Minneapolis Beneath the Asphalt Part 7, Documentary Short
Jozef Malocha (Poland), The Way It Should Be, Documentary Short
Kasha Sequoia Slavner (Canada), The Sunrise Storyteller, Documentary Feature (Student)
Kate Dowd (USA), We the Women, Documentary Short
Kateryna Svyeshnykova (France), The Heritage, Documentary Feature
Katie Jackson, Help 4 HD International (USA), The Warriors: Fighting the Incurable Juvenile Huntington’s Disease, Documentary Feature
Kees-Jan Husselman (Netherlands), Nightlight, Documentary Short
Kenny Young (USA), They Don’t Give A Damn, Documentary Feature
Kenrick McDonald (USA), Quiet Masters – The History and Relevance of the Black Magical Artist, Documentary Feature
Lennart Martinsson (USA), Coastkeeper, Documentary Short
Leonardo Menezes and Rian Cordova (Brazil), Lorna Washington – Surviving Probable Losses, Documentary Feature
Margot Smith (USA), To Empower Women: The U.N. Conference on Women, 1995, Documentary Short
Maria Laura Moraci (Italy), AMR. Storia di un riscatto. (AMR. Story of a redemption.), Documentary Short
Mason  Fleming (Australia), Deighties, Documentary Short (Student)

Impact Documentary Film Festival

Maureen Maloney (USA), Transitions, Documentary Short (Student)
Nathaniel Kramer (USA), Where Have All The Mermaids Gone?, Documentary Feature
Opender Chanana (India), LIVING ON THE EDGE – DEGLAMOURISNG BOLLYWOOD, Documentary Feature
Paul Catalanotto (USA), When the Rivers Rise, Documentary Short
Ravjot Mehek Singh (USA), I Stand With Jessy, Documentary Feature (Student)
Reginald Brown (USA), A Profile In Courage: Linda L. Smith, Documentary Short
Ricardo E. Causo (USA), If You Could Walk in My Shoes, Documentary Short
Richard Raubolt (USA), Detroit: Living IN Between, Documentary Short
Sammi Lee Davis (USA), Lies of Omission, Documentary Feature
Sara Eustáquio (Portugal), 4242, Contemporary Issues / Awareness Raising (Student)
Sasha-Gay Lewis (USA), The Incursion, Documentary Short (Student)
Savannah Rose Geary (USA), When Oranges are Green, Documentary Short (Student)
Sean Cowan (USA), Habana Eighth, Documentary Short
Sean Kernan (USA), Crow Stories, Documentary Feature
Shaakir Strachan (Canada), I Am Chris, Documentary Short (Student)
Shawn Small (USA), Acres of Diamonds, Documentary Short
Tammy Mabey (USA), I Can Show You, Documentary Short (Student)
Ted Schneider (USA), A Song For Alan, Documentary Feature
Tony Dare (USA), Lassie Lou Ahern: A Voice for the Silent Age, Documentary Feature, Editing
Virgile Novarina (France), Deep into Sleep, Documentary Short
William Bentley (USA), Andy Wooff’s Birthday, Documentary Short
Yasuhiro Mitsuda (Japan), The Rainbow over the River Kwai, Documentary Feature
Yoyo Li (USA/China), UNDER THE SAME SKY, Documentary Short (Student)

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