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Documentary Film festival


The IMPACT DOCS Awards statuette is a 24K gold-plated statue mounted on a piano finished base of rosewood. The IMPACT DOCS statuette is manufactured by the company that makes the world’s most prestigious and celebrated awards, the Oscar, Accolade and Regional Emmy!  The statuette is truly a work of art that stands nearly 16 inches tall (40.64 cm) and weighs four pounds (1.81 kg)!

Each Best of Show winner will receive one free statuette. Other winners have the opportunity to order commemorative statuettes for themselves and their team.

More information regarding description, dimensions and other details here:

Documentary Film FestivalGOLD FOIL STICKERS

Stickers are a great way to punch up your printed marketing materials.
Sticker size is: 1 1/2″ x 3/4


Gold foil stickers are $40 per 100 stickers

Statuette: 24k gold-plated statuettes are $390 per statuette.


U.S.A. Orders: $10 USD per statuette.

International Orders: $75 USD per statuette.

**To save on shipping costs, we use USPS as our International courier. Should you desire to use another courier (FedEx or UPS) please contact us for an International Shipping quote.

If you are an IMPACT DOCS Award winner  – Congratulations! 

Click HERE to order your statuettes or stickers.


Digital downloads of IMPACT DOCS Awards laurels will be made available to all winners and represent the award level received. Color, Black, Gold transparent laurels and laurels with festive background for posting. A link to the laurels for your award level will be emailed to you.


Press Release you can personalize! No one promotes your film better then YOU!  Impact DOCS will provide awardees with a fill-in-the-blanks press release that you can use to create your own publicity – a very powerful tool for promoting your film!  We also provide step-by-step guide and tips to help you customize your own releases to the media outlets that best suit your film.

WINNER LETTER PDF  (upon request) – PDF’s of your winner’s announcement letter are available upon request

PERSONALIZED CERTIFICATES – (upon request) Personalized certificates are available upon request. You may chose from an elegant white background suitable for framing (PDF or jpg) or a vibrant background for social media posting (jpg)

IMPACT DOCS Awards will send award winners announcement with the list of winners to 100,000 filmmakers through!