Awards of Merit January 2017

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January 2017

Impact Documentary Film Festival
Aimie Vallat and Noah Dassel (USA),
Present Moment, Documentary Short
Amanda Zackem (USA), American Psychosis, Documentary Short
Armando P. Ibanez, Pluma Pictures (USA), South Texas Gentle Men of Steel – Los Padres, Documentary Feature, Religion / Ethics, Editing, Contemporary Issues / Awareness Raising, Direction
Cheryl Halpern (USA), Two Zions: The Living Legacy of the Queen of Sheba and King Solomon, Documentary Feature, Religion / Ethics and WishMakers, Documentary Short
Chris and Maurice Micallef, CMM Productions (Malta), THE UNSOLVED MYSTERY, Documentary feature, Direction
Chris Beckett (Canada), Green Rights: The Human Right to a Healthy World, Documentary Feature
Cimela Kidonakis (USA), Apparition Hill, Documentary Feature, Religion / Ethics
Danica Cullinan and Neal Hutcheson (USA), First Language – The Race to Save Cherokee, Documentary Feature
David Hutchinson (USA), How Far I Want To Go, Documentary Short
David Rae Morris (USA), Yazoo Revisited: Integration and Segregation in a Deep Southern Town, Documentary Feature
Gemma O’Doherty (Ireland), Mary Boyle: The Untold Story, Documentary Feature
Kami Horton (USA), Darcelle XV, Documentary Short
Lise Zumwalt (USA), Crazy, Documentary Feature
Liviu Tipurita (United Kingdom), The New Gypsy Kings, Documentary Feature
Marjorie Wright (USA), Jews Step Forward, Documentary Feature
Mark Albertin (USA), At What Cost – Pipelines, Pollution and Eminent Domain in the Rural South, Documentary Feature
Michael Siv (USA), DAZE OF JUSTICE, Documentary Feature
Monique Munting (Belgium), Spirit of the forest, Documentary Feature
Tariq Haddad and Sandra Alloush Haddad (France), Strangers in the jungle, Documentary Short
Terry Leary and George Lewis (Nicaragua), Sierra Leone From War to Peace, Documentary Short
Tim Warren and Kelli Joan Bennett, Boomerang Productions Media (USA), High School 9-1-1, Documentary Feature
Vincent De La Torre (USA), Trails of Hope and Terror, Documentary Feature (Student)

Impact Documentary Film FestivalAodh Ó Coileáin (Ireland), Fís Na Fuiseoige (The Lark’s View), Documentary Feature
Arvind Gajanan Joshi (India), Ajaat (Casteless), Documentary Feature
Bernadette Slowey (USA), Berni’s Journey, Documentary Feature
Bill Weaver (Canada), Sound Venture, Documentary Short
Bob House (USA), A New Path for the Serengeti, Documentary Feature
Casey McGarry, The Archive Room (USA), The Boatmaker, Documentary Short
Chris and Maurice Micallef, CMM Productions (Malta), THE UNSOLVED MYSTERY, Cinematography, Special Effects: Animation
Chris Smiley (USA), Disneyland of War, Documentary Short
Clive Read (South Africa), We Came in Spring Carts, Documentary Short
Conrad Weaver (USA), Thirsty Land, Documentary Feature
Daniel Mills (USA), Breaking Free – A Survivor’s Journey, Documentary Short
David Hoffman (USA), An Astronaut’s Prayer, Documentary Short
David Reiss (USA), Restorative Rhythms: THE POWER OF MUSIC THERAPY, Documentary Short
Gregory Alosio (USA), DEATH and LIFE, Documentary Short
Heather M Spencer (USA), C – A Celebration of Life, Documentary Feature
Hemal Trivedi, Mohammed Ali Naqvi, and Jonathan Goodman Levitt (USA), Among the Believers, Documentary Feature
Henry Roosevelt and W.B. Zullo, MinusL (USA), Tough Guys, Documentary Feature
Jacqueline Monetta and Kiki Goshay (USA), Not Alone, Documentary Feature
James Ragan, Goldstrohm Lane Productions (USA), Flowers and Roots, James Ragan, An Ambassador of the Arts, Documentary Feature


Jennifer Salcido and Matthew Charles Hall (USA), The Longest Road, Documentary Feature
Jennifer W. Stein (USA), Travis: The True Story of Travis Walton, Documentary Feature
Jimmy Monack (USA), Dunbar: The Alchemy of Achievement, Documentary Feature
Johan Eriksson (Israel), Hoda’s Story, Documentary Feature
Jordan Horowitz and Frank Ferendo (USA), Angel of Nanjing, Documentary Feature
Juan-Carlos Asse (USA), Unsupersize Us,  Contemporary Issues / Awareness Raising, Viewer Impact: Content / Message Delivery
Julia Barnes (Canada), Sea of Life, Documentary Feature
Julio Mendez (USA), May I help you?, Documentary Short
Kent C. Williamson, Paladin Pictures (USA), By War & By God, Documentary Short
Kevin Spencer and Mwita Chacha (USA), Powerful Medicine: Simply Magic, Documentary Short
Kurt Gerber (USA), Operation Route 66, Documentary Feature
Lara Stolman (USA), Swim Team, Documentary Feature
Laurel Adler (China), The Harder Way, Documentary Short
Lauren Anders Brown (USA), The Checklist Effect, Documentary Feature
Liliane de Kermadec (France), The cry of the ants, Documentary Feature
Lillian LaSalle (USA), My Name is Pedro, Documentary Feature
Lily Levin and Tristan Bell (United Kingdom), Grampy, Documentary Short
Lynn Webster, MD and Craig Wirth (USA), It Hurts Until you Die, Documentary Feature
Maia Porter, NatuReal Balance MK & Dr. Khalid White, Blkmpwr, LLC (USA), Black Fatherhood: Trials & Tribulations, Testimony & Triumph, Documentary Feature
Mari Frankel (USA), Foster Shock, Documentary Feature
Mari Walker (USA), The Soul of a Tree, Documentary Short


Martin Markovits (USA), Tupamaro, Documentary Feature
Matthew O’Brien (USA), For Our People, Documentary Short
Mike Hill, APHN & Moonshine Movies (Australia), Life Asked Death, Documentary Short, Asian, Health / Medicine / Science
Nasser Aldhaheri (United Arab Emirates), A tale of water, palm trees and family, Documentary Feature
Paola Marino (Canada), OPEN SHADOW: The Story of Teal Swan, Documentary Feature
Paul Sutton and Lori Sutton (USA), Straight from the Pen, Documentary Feature
Paul Zehrer (USA), Being Seen, Documentary Short
Peacetree Film Creations Team (Germany), The MAMOS and the Trees of Peace, Documentary Short
Phoebe Driscoll (USA), Pharaohs of Memphis, Documentary Feature (Student)
Raquel Barrera Sutorra (Spain), Hook Shot Girl, Documentary Feature
Ross McCall (USA), The Grind of the Faroe Islands, Documentary Short
Russ Wiltse (USA), Beautifully Scary, Documentary Feature
Sheila Gail O’Rourke (USA), Jetty Cats, Documentary Feature
Sherry Malone (USA), What’s My Price?, Documentary Feature, Women Filmmakers, Concept
Sian Gowan (USA), SURVIVING INTERNATIONAL BOULEVARD:  Domestic Child Sex Trafficking, Documentary Short
Soula Saad (Lebanon), The Unheard Feminine voice of the Middle-East, Documentary Feature
Thatcher Bean and Alan Ricks (USA), Design That Heals, Documentary Short
Tiffany Toulze (USA), Surviving Woodlands, Documentary Short
Tristan Cook (USA), Strangers on the Earth, Documentary Feature
Vincent Kay (USA), In Collaboration with Bill T. Jones, Documentary Feature
Wayo Benavides (USA), Life’s a Drag, Documentary Short
Zach Gorelick and Hannah Silverstein (USA), The Footnote Film Project, Documentary Feature

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