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Impact DOCS Documentary Film Festival

Chris Burke – No Ordinary Campaign

Impact Docs Awards Competition Film Festival

Chris Burke (USA), No Ordinary Campaign, Doc Feature – At 37, Brian Wallach was diagnosed with ALS—on the same day he and his wife Sandra brought their daughter home from the hospital. In an instant, everything changed. They went from being a couple only a few years removed from both working at the White House to not knowing if Brian would live to see his 40th birthday. A broken system offered no hope for a cure. This is the story about what happened next. Brian and Sandra moved with astonishing speed to build a patient-led revolution reminiscent of the HIV fight. A doc unfolding in realtime as one couple fights for their own future while seeking to build a brighter one for thousands of others. Emmy-winner Burke’s deft direction shapes a powerful doc that skillfully blends impeccable technical craft with heart moving behind-the-scenes segments, touching interviews, a palpable sense of urgency and a feeling of cautious triumph. A potent and inspirational triumph. A Chan Zukerberg Initiative project, produced by Tim Rummel, Executive Producers Emmy / Peabody winner Katie Couric, Jeff MacGregor and featuring interviews with President Barack Obama.

Impact Docs Documentary Film Festival

Camille Hardman and Gary Lane – Still Working 9 to 5

Impact Docs Awards Competition Film Festival

Camille Hardman and Gary Lane (USA), Still Working 9 to 5, Doc Feature – With the highest grossing comedy of 1980, 9 to 5, the laughs hid a serious message about women in the office. Still Working 9 to 5 explores why workplace inequality 40 years later is no longer a laughing matter. Directors Hardman and Lane masterfully create a potent impact by blending a “making of” doc with a cautionary tale of issues still very topical and important today. Sexual harassment, equal pay, maternity leave and promotions are still pervasive issues in the modern workplace today and reflective of broader issues of inequality.  This exceptional doc walks a perfect tight rope between conveying information, a call to action, inspiration, and entertainment. It features outstanding scripting, tight editing and a thoroughly captivating narrative. Features compelling interviews with Oscar winner Jane Fonda, Oscar winner Dolly Parton, Oscar-nominee Lily Tomlin, Oscar winner Rita Moreno, Oscar winner Allison Janney and Emmy-winner Dabney Coleman. Executive producers Oscar-winner Geralyn Dreyfous, Regina K. Scully and EP and songwriter Grammy-winner Shane McAnally.

Impact Docs Documentary Film Festival

Oliver Goetzl – Jungle Book Bear

Impact Docs Awards Competition Film Festival

Oliver Goetzl (Germany), JUNGLE BOOK BEAR, Doc Feature – Narrated by Emmy, BAFTA and Peabody winner Sir David Attenborough this doc is an intimate portrait of Sloth Bears never before filmed. Wildlife filmmaking is a special breed of documentary requiring creative solutions, innovative concepts, enormous amounts of time and (often!) personal danger and bravery. Gold standard wildlife filmmakers Goetzl and Ivo Nörenberg spent 200 days filming in the field in remote India to capture behavior that had been previously unknown to science! Goetzl’s entertaining scripting provides a heart-warming personal portrayal of the bears, with pitch-perfect editing and sound design accompanied by a enlivening score. A superbly crafted and entertaining doc showcasing the best of the wildlife filmmaking form.

Dawn Gifford Engle (USA), Shirin Ebadi: Until We Are Free, Doc Feature – Ebadi was the first Muslim woman to receive the Nobel Peace Prize. A heroic human rights lawyer she bravely continues defending women and children against the brutalities of the Iranian regime who imprisoned her and her family, broke her marriage and seized her home. Tight, compelling, impactful.

Impact Docs Awards Film Festival Oscar winners to new talentRoberto Burchielli (Italy), The lost beauty, Syria, Doc Feature – Golden Globe Italy winner Raoul Bova, goes to Syria to recount the work of the Italian red Cross and Syrian Arab Red Crescent. It’s the story of Syrian communities and their cultural heritage affected by the wars and showcases the critical work done by these groups. Raw, real and heartwarming.

Impact Docs Awards Film Festival Oscar winners to new talentPeter Schnall (USA), Ron Carter: Finding the Right Notes, Doc Feature-  Seven-time Emmy winner Schnall’s, captivating portrait of the complex, compassionate Ron Carter – iconic and legendary bass player, who overcame racial discrimination in pursuit of perfecting his craft. Hosted by Oscar winner Jon Batiste with absorbing interviews with family and colleagues.

Impact Docs Awards Film Festival Oscar winners to new talentZeberiah Newman (USA), Right to Try, Doc Short – A raw and unflinching look at Jeffrey Drew as he puts his life on the line for an experimental treatment to cure HIV and uncovers the big business of pharma. Achingly authentic portrayal from Newman (producer Late Late Show with James Corden). Producers Brian Clisham, Oscar-winners Octavia Spencer and Andrew Carlberg.

Impact Docs Awards Film Festival Oscar winners to new talentKate Cohen and A.D. Freese (USA), Amara and Ry’Shauna, Doc Short – follows 12 year-old Amara and 19 year-old Ry’shauna examining their experiences in the foster care system. It exposes the distress of children trapped within this complex and chaotic bureaucracy with compelling interviews illustrating both the devastating effects and their incredible resilience.

Impact Docs Awards Film Festival Oscar winners to new talentMaggie Jones and Brad Jones (USA), CANCER/EVOLUTION: The Dustbin of History, Doc Feature – Episode 1 of a docuseries on the metabolic theory of cancer. From Nobel laureate Otto Warburg, a gay, Jewish scientist under aegis of the Nazis – it shows how his theories informed discoveries, biases and politics of future research. Interesting interviews and exceptional graphics.

Impact Docs Awards Film Festival Oscar winners to new talentPavel Cherepin (Ukraine), Cyberwar 2022, Doc Feature – The testimony of cyber activists, security officers and professional hackers tells the story of the cyber war of Russia against Ukarine and beyond. Beautiful craft, a heart pounding soundtrack and exceptional editing. Shocking data of the global prevalence of cyber-attacks and a chilling conclusion cyber wars have no ending.

Impact Docs Awards Film Festival Oscar winners to new talentMatt Cohn and Joey Rossetti (USA), Freedom Reigns, Doc Feature – Part boy-horse-whisperer tale, part Autism Spectrum Disorder study, and part solution for America’s dismal wild mustang program. Informative, inspiring, heart wrenching and heartwarming – a testament to the dedication of founder Alicia Goetz. With Temple Grandin. Producer Jesse Raiford (Hitfire Media).

Impact Docs Awards Film Festival Oscar winners to new talentLevi C. Maaia (USA), Pathways to Invention, Doc Feature – Innovators, inventors and entrepreneurship come together in this informative and entertaining doc. ​Pathways explores the worlds of accomplished inventors in materials, software, hardware, biotech and agriculture. An excellent synergy of technical production and storytelling. Tight editing and upbeat soundtrack. Lemelson-Mit.

Impact Docs Awards Film Festival Oscar winners to new talentMatt Elliott (United Kingdom), A Royal Marines Disposition, Doc Short – A strong performance by Tip Cullen brings to life this narrated docudrama about a soldier’s experience during the Falklands war. Harrowing stories come alive through the exceptional script of John Alden chronicling the journey from near death to victory. Orange Sky Productions

A’magine (USA), At Your Cervix, Documentary Feature
Andrew Paterson (China), China and the New Pacific, Documentary Feature
Anne Tsoulis (Australia), The Silent World of Barry Priori: Signing not Waving, Documentary Short
Anthony Sarracco (Canada), PADRE PIO, Documentary Feature
Bill Wisneski (USA), Almost Home:  Life After Incarceration, Documentary Feature
Daniel Grace and Aaron Carnahan (USA), Doctor/Patient, Documentary Feature
Glen Paul Stasiuk (Australia), Survivors of Wadjemup, Documentary Short
Jeff Bird (Australia), Kombi Man, Documentary Feature
Jerry McNutt (USA), Somehow Hopeful: The Story of a Woodsman, Documentary Feature

Impact Documentary Festival

Joanne l Williams (USA), The Exchange. In White America. Kaukauna & King 50 Years Later, Documentary Feature
Karen Kramer (USA), The Renegade Legacy of Bleecker and MacDougal, Documentary Feature
Kyle Saylors (USA), A Perfect Love, Documentary Short
Maartje Nevejan (Netherlands), Descending The Mountain. a Story about Mushrooms and Meditation., Documentary Feature
Matt Elliott (United Kingdom), A Royal Marines Disposition, Script / Writer (Mark John Alden)
Michael Maloy (USA), Finding Enid With Love, Documentary Feature, History / Biographical
Monique N. Matthews (USA), Birthing Justice, Documentary Feature
Nick Bolton and Jess Milne (Australia), I am Living, Documentary Short
Quincy Davis (USA), Voices of the Wisdom Keepers, Documentary Feature, Native Peoples
Ryan Dickie, Miranda MacDougall, Callum Gunn and Harry Hill (Canada), In the Land of Dreamers, Documentary Feature, Nature / Environment / Wildlife

Impact Documentary Festival

Sean O’Connor (USA), KUMARI: A Father’s Dream, Documentary Short
Simone Vrech (Italy), The Longobard Warrior, Documentary Short, History / Biographical
Sorin Pavelesco (Canada), Farming Without Harming (The Power of Regenerative Agriculture), Documentary Feature
Stewart M. Schulman (USA), Left Alone Rhapsody – The Musical Memoir of Pianist John Bayless, Documentary Feature
Wayne Camilleri and Stephan Wellink (Australia), The Sculpture, Documentary Feature, Editing
World Surf League (USA), We Are One Ocean 2022 Impact Summary, Documentary Short
Zeberiah Newman (USA), Unexpected, Documentary Short
Zeberiah Newman (USA), Right To Try, LGBTQ+
Zoya Lynch (Canada), Beyond Begbie, Documentary Short

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