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Impact documentary Film Festival

January 2020

Documentary Film festival

Adam Grannick, Irshad Manji, Genesis Be (USA), Confederate Pride, White Supremacy, and My State Flag, Documentary Short
Alex Luchsinger (USA), First Chances, Documentary Short
Alje Kamphuis and Stephanie Sint Nicolaas, KRO-NCRV (Netherlands), War has come into Oud Ade, mourning after MH17, Documentary Feature
Angelena Bonet (Australia), Angelena: Light At The End Of The Tunnel, Documentary Feature
Anne Lewis (USA), Finding The Balance, Documentary Short
Cali Gilbert (USA), INVISIBLE, Documentary Short
Chien-cheng Lee (Taiwan), Thanks For Watching, Documentary Short
Claudia Giannetto (United Kingdom), The Campfire Project, Documentary Feature
Dannon Green (USA), The Executioners We All Had A Chance, Documentary Feature
Drew Kenworthy (Canada), Living the Warrior Code, Documentary Feature
Dr. Tommy Watson (USA), Resilient, Documentary Short
Ed Moore, Detroit Public Television Foundation (USA), The Forever Chemicals, Narration / Voice-Over Talent (Laura Weber Davis)
Ed Moore, Detroit Public Television Foundation (USA), Wrecks Within Reach, Documentary Short, Nature / Environment / Wildlife
Ed Moore, Detroit Public Television Foundation (USA), You’ve Got Mail, Concept, Creativity / Originality

Impact Documentary Festival

Graeme Moffatt (New Zealand), Mr. Mainline Steam, Documentary Feature
Harrod Blank (USA), Why Can’t I Be Me?  Around You, Documentary Feature
Heather Waters (Australia), You Were Chosen, Documentary Short
Jim Baillies, Mount Royal University (Canada), Peace in the Parks, Health / Medicine / Science, Nature / Environment / Wildlife
Jonty Fine (USA), The Optician, Documentary Short
Kyle O’Gara (USA), 10-33: When Officers Need Help, Documentary Short (Student)
Laura Puccia Valtorta (USA), The Disease Detective Looks at Sarcoidosis, Documentary Short
Laura Puccia Valtorta (USA), The Disease Detective Looks at Friedreich’s Ataxia, Documentary Short
Leilani Osmundson (USA), Fatphobic, Documentary Short (Student)
Marcelo Vogelaar, Graci Guarani, Alexandre Pankararu, Thiago Dezan, Leo Otero and Thomaz Pedro (United Kingdom), My Blood Is Red, Documentary Feature
Marten Leurdijk (Netherlands), Searching for Pura Vida, Documentary Feature
Mohamed Farouk (Egypt), That’s so Funny, Documentary Feature
Nick Natalicchio (USA), The Tides That Bind, Documentary Short
Peter C. Downey (Australia), Designing Deception, Documentary Feature

Impact Documentary Festival

R. Paul Dhillon (Canada), Gone are the days, Documentary Feature
Robert Ramos (USA), Shrouded, Documentary Short (Student)
Rodrigo Occelli (Mexico), The Healers, Documentary Feature
Sage Love (USA), AYITI: THE AWAKENING, Documentary Short (Student)
Sandra Tamkin (USA), Iric, Documentary Short
Shihyun Wang (USA), Richard Nixon, History / Biographical
Stephen James (USA), Conversations with Solomon:  Episode 4 The Environment, Documentary Short
The Church of Almighty God (Korea), A Youth of Bloody Tears, Documentary Feature
Timothy Dunn (USA), Stitches of Passion, Documentary Short
Tina Chunna Zhang (USA), Tai Chi Club, Documentary Feature
Varun Sasindran (India), Omarska, Documentary Short
Vijali Hamilton (USA), Wheel of the World, One Woman’s Creative Journey for Global Peace, Documentary Feature
Vishnu Perumal (USA), CommuKnity, Documentary Feature
William Goodwin (USA), Why Are We Still Eating Grouper?, Documentary Short
Zoe Katz (USA), Sir Jared the Nectarine, Documentary Short


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