AWARDS OF MERIT January 2019

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January 2019

Impact Documentary Film Festival

Documentary Film festivalAndrea Egan (New Zealand), Suspended Generation, Documentary Short
Brian Corso (USA), Public Figure, Documentary Feature
Cam Cowan (USA), MADAGASIKARA, Documentary Feature
Dana Reinhardt (Germany), Fighting Me, Documentary Short
Farida Benlyazid, Dounia Productions (Morocco), Women in Amazigh Music, Documentary Short
Gabriel Di Giacomo (Brazil), Blind March, Documentary Feature
Gillian Moody (Australia), naa muru gurung, Documentary Feature
Gustavo Tovar Arroyo (USA), Chavismo: the plague of the XXI century, Documentary Feature
James Favata (USA), A Teachable Moment, Documentary Feature
Jonathan Penson (USA), MADE IN VENICE, Documentary Feature
Lis Bartlett (USA), Light in the Water, Documentary Feature
M. Douglas Silverstein (USA), The Weight of Success, Documentary Short
Megan S Smith (USA), bOObs: The War on Women’s Breasts, Documentary Short, Health / Medicine / Science
Melissa Davey (USA), Beyond Sixty Project, Documentary Feature
Michael Sellers (USA), Return to Hardwick, Documentary Feature
Mikael Lypinski (Poland), Desert Coffee, Documentary Feature
Mohammed Alatar (Palestine), Broken, Documentary Feature
Monika Grassl (United Kingdom), The Residency, Documentary Feature
Nicholas Frangakis (USA), My Name Is John Franke, Documentary Short
Peres Owino (USA), BOUND: Africans vs African Americans, Documentary Feature
Roy Maconachie (United Kingdom), Voices From The Mine: Artisanal Diamonds and Resource Governance in Sierra Leone, Documentary Short
Wen-ru Yen, Yuan-yu Chang, Hualien Forest District Office, Forestry Bureau, COA (Taiwan), Season of Healing, Documentary Feature

Impact Documentary Film FestivalAderonke Adeola (Nigeria), Awani: A colonial history of women, Documentary Short
Aja Nikiya (USA), Linchpins of Dead Dog Island, Documentary Feature
Alex Kruz and Alex Lora (USA), Parivara, Documentary Short
Alexander Blum and Noman Robin (USA/Bangladesh), BLOSSOMS FROM ASH, Documentary Feature
Begum Ceyda Cakaloglu (Turkey), HUNGRY EYES, Documentary Feature
Bence Máté (Germany), Koka, the Butcher, Documentary Short
Bill Hellams (USA), I Am DACA, Documentary Short
Börje Peratt and Lars af Sillén (Sweden), The Patient Who Built a Hospital, Documentary Feature
Caleb Vinson (USA), Who Am I, Documentary Feature
Casey McCracken (USA), Out of the Pills, Documentary Short (Student)
Chia-Lin Tan, Deepwaters Digital Support INC. Ing-Jer Huang, National Sun Yat-Sen University (Taiwan), IT Superhero, Documentary Feature

Dan Besley (United Kingdom), Max, Documentary Short
Danny Simmons (USA), Suffer for Good, Documentary Feature
Dave Devine and Suez Jacobson (USA), Wild Hope, Documentary Short
Dave Harries (United Kingdom), Orchestral Manoevres in China, Documentary Feature
Dounia Productions (Morocco), The Restoration of the Saadian Tombs, Documentary Short
Emily Thomas (USA), Blessings of Liberty, Documentary Short
Eric Coombs Esmail and Christian Hammons (USA), Messengers, Documentary Short
Farida Benlyazid, Dounia Productions (Morocco), Nomad wedding in Merzouga, Documentary Short and Through The Blooming Valleys, Documentary Short and The Little Maestros, Documentary Short
Freyja Kristinsdóttir (Iceland), Underdog, Documentary Feature
George Turnbull (Canada), Walking Together, Documentary Short

Impact Documentary Festival

Gorav Kalyan (USA), Badiou, Documentary Feature
Irina Valentik (France), HAPPINESS, Documentary Feature
Jeremiah Tayao (USA), T-Shirt Theatre presents Kipuka: An Anti-Bullying Project, Documentary Feature
Jesse Cash (USA), Forgotten Tragedy: The Story of the St Francis Dam, Documentary Feature
Jii Zhang (Japan), Sounds of Our Souls – Toyohama Chosa Festival –, Documentary Short
Joanne Hershfield (USA), Benevolence, Documentary Feature
Joel Van der Molen and Tony Jeton Selimi (United Kingdom), Living My Illusion, Documentary Feature
Johan Karrento (Finland), Putting Lipstick on a Pig, Documentary Feature
Jon Long (Canada), SKOOL, Documentary Feature
José Pablo Castillo Valverde (Costa Rica), A Festival in Liberia, Documentary Feature, Direction, Editing, Sound Editing / Sound Mixing
Karen Cantor (USA), RETURN: Reclaiming Native American Foodways for Health and Spirit, Documentary Short
Kristi Gatto (USA), The Promise, Documentary Short
Kristin Adair (USA), Becoming Free, Documentary Short
Kyle Saylors, Pisces Productions (USA/China), Against The Wall, Documentary Short
Lauren Ready (USA), You Must Believe: A Lifeline to Success, Documentary Short
Lewis Jacobs (USA), Sacred Land, Sacred Water: Confluences in the Rio Grande Valley, Documentary Feature
Lin Sutherland (Australia), Beauty and the reef, Documentary Feature
Linh Nga (USA), Inside this Peace, Documentary Feature
LZM Productions, LLC (USA), FINDING SATAN, Documentary Short
Maria Jose Bermudez Jurado (Colombia), Amoka, Documentary Feature
Mariya Pyter (USA), 22 (Twenty Two), Documentary Feature
Mark Dworkin and Melissa Young (USA), DON’T GIVE UP YOUR VOICE, Documentary Short
Matthew Hausle (USA), The Worlds Most Dangerous Paper Route, Documentary Feature
Matthew Kelly (USA)A Bridge – An Unlikely Story of Friendship, Documentary Short

Impact Documentary Festival

Novaturient Productions (Canada), Stolen Childhood, Documentary Feature
Ojaswwee Sharma, Pinaka Mediaworks (India), Admitted, Documentary Feature
Patrick Alcedo (Canada), Dancing Manilenyos, Documentary Short
Peggy Callahan (USA), The Unit: Lessons On Living & Dying, Documentary Short
Peter Bob White (USA), Inner City Dreams, Documentary Short
Ramy A. Katz (Israel), Cause Of Death, Documentary Feature
Rock Grant (USA), Isaac Pope: The Spirit of an American Century, Documentary Feature
Rosa Russo (United Kingdom), One Girl, Documentary Feature
Sally Colon-Petree (USA), Women Like Us, Documentary Feature
Salvador Alemany (Spain), R1514, the waiting, Documentary Short
Samuel George (USA), Breaking Point: The USA and Mexico at the Ballot Box, Documentary Feature
Sarah Menzies (USA), Afghan Cycles, Documentary Feature
Sarah Prikryl (USA), Family: A Love Story, Documentary Short
Sean Bloomfield and Cimela Kidonakis (USA), Where There Is Darkness, Documentary Feature
Shail Gal (Israel), The Jewish Underground, Documentary Feature
Simon Brann Thorpe (United Kingdom), Spider, Documentary Short
Sofian Khan (USA), Do We Belong?, Documentary Short
Stephen James (USA), Conversations with Solomon – Episode 3 Inequality, Documentary Short
Tanya Maryniak (Canada), Purple Horse (A.K.A. Mindset Matters), Documentary Feature
Ted Kay and Susan Frick, Without Warning® of the Rush Alzheimer’s Disease Center (USA), Too Soon to Forget: The Journey of Younger Onset Alzheimer’s Disease, Documentary Feature
Ted McDonnell (Australia), Welcome to Malabon, Documentary Short
Valerie Hinkle-Marshall (USA), Made in Mekhe, Documentary Short
Vesna Marich BHRT (Bosnia Herzegovina), To Watch the Truth in the Eyes, Documentary Short
Vivian  Hernandez Ortiz and Waldo Cabrera (USA), AmeRican Poet Tato Laviera, Documentary Feature
Wen-ru Yen, Yuan-yu Chang, Hualien Forest District Office, Forestry Bureau, COA (Taiwan), Reclaimed by the Forest?Lanshan Station, Documentary Feature
Will Barnard and Moira Rowan (United Kingdom), Get Riel, Documentary Short
Will Wintercross (United Kingdom), With Love From Holmfirth, Documentary Short

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