Awards of Recognition January 2018

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Impact documentary Film Festival

January 2018

Alexander Kaiser Lauritzen (Denmark), All or Nothing, Documentary Short
Alexandra D’Onofrio (Italy), It was tomorrow, Documentary Feature
Amalia Ramirez Atilez (USA), Improv A Saving Grace, Documentary Short (Student)
Andie Leeds (USA), Classic City Queens, Documentary Short (Student)
Angela Lamb (USA), Un-Inflame Me: Reversing the American Diet & Lifestyle, Documentary Feature
Anibal Alcaraz (USA), I am DACA, Documentary Short (Student)
Aniruddha (Oni) Sen (USA), The Saints of Sin, Documentary Feature
Bonnie Harris-Lowe (USA), Fake Geek Girl, Documentary Short (Student)
Borys Nieśpielak (Poland), We are alright, Documentary Feature
Bruce Nelson (USA), Gospel Radio Man, Documentary Short
Carly Otness (USA), Sing it Out, Documentary Feature
Carole Ryavec (USA), Water Bucks – The Atlantic City Story, Documentary Short
Dean Hamer (USA), Lady Eva, Documentary Short
Dick Jordan (USA), Cuba, Libre?, Documentary Feature
Emil Munk (Denmark), Gushegu Exile, Documentary Feature
Ethiraj Gabriel Dattatreyan (USA), Dr. Trash, Documentary Short
Gillian Leahy (Australia), Baxter and Me, Documentary Feature
Hardeep Giani (United Kingdom), F**K IT, IT’s OVER., Documentary Feature
Henry Bradley (United Kingdom), GLOSSOLALIA, Documentary Feature (Student)
Jason Jia (Korea ), Chronicles of Religious Persecution in China, Documentary Feature

Impact Documentary Film Festival

Joshua Branstetter (USA), Old Harbor, New Hope, Documentary Short
Karen Kartomi Thomas, Music Archive of Monash University (MAMU) (Australia), The Biola of the Riau Islands, Documentary Short
Krisztina Danka (USA), The Stolen River, Documentary Short
Lara Damiani (Australia), Little Bang’s New Eye, Documentary Short, Women Filmmakers
Leigha Monier-Williams (USA), Broken Hearts : The Documentary, Documentary Short (Student)
Leonardo Menezes and Rian Cordova (Brazil), Luana Muniz – Daughter of the Moon, Documentary Feature
Li Shao Lee (Taiwan), Stranger In The Mountains, Documentary Feature
Lina Suh (USA), Portrait of a Farmer, Documentary Short
Lucas Negroni (USA), Bangers to the Bible, Documentary Feature
Maria Bartrum (USA), Love, Documentary Short
Marieke Spee (Netherlands), New Neighbours, Documentary Short (Student)
Mary Dalton (USA), Celebrating 55 By Protesting 45, Documentary Short
Mary Musallam Davis (USA), Christians of Palestine, Life Behind the Wall, Documentary Short
Mateja Rackov (Serbia), The most important call in life, Documentary Feature
Matt Cotov (USA), Love is Not Enough, Documentary Short (Student)
Maya Tepler (USA), The Next Four Years, Documentary Short
Melissa Terese Young (USA), Vietnam War Miracle, Documentary Feature
Michael Brusilovsky (USA), A Few Stanzas To Our Mothers, Documentary Feature
Michael Horn (USA), And Did They Listen?, Documentary Feature
Monica Klemz (Brazil), A Singular Garden, Documentary Short (Student)

Impact Documentary Film Festival

Nancy J. Lilley (Canada), 4 Dancers’ Dreams, Editing, Direction, Ensemble Cast, Cinematography
Nikhil Singh Rajputt (India), Himalayan Refugee, Documentary Short
Oksana Sokol (Australia), Life is Art, Documentary Feature
Päivi Kapiainen-Heiskanen (Finland), When school broke out of prison, Documentary Feature
Patrick Alcedo (Canada), A Piece of Paradise, Documentary Feature
Patrick Ross (USA), Lazarus, Documentary Feature
Preeti Deb (USA), Three Boys Manzanar, Documentary Short
Sergio García Locatelli (Spain), Bread of Life, Documentary Short
Shelley Titus (USA), Sistas Conversation, Documentary Feature, Use of Film / Video for Social Change, Contemporary Issues / Awareness Raising, Public Service Programming / PSA
Stefan Langthaler  (Austria), SARGIS – Such is Life, Documentary Feature
Tashi (Zhaxi) Chophel (Qingpeng) (USA), Ganglha Metok, Documentary Feature (Student)
Tracey Cochrane (Canada), Calm In Chaos, Documentary Feature
Treavion Davenport (USA), Living for the Sacrifice: A Hood Hero’s Guide to Success, Documentary Feature
Tysen Knight (USA), The Art Of Hustle: Street Art Documentary, Documentary Feature
William Fitzpatrick (USA), No Irish Need Apply, Documentary Short
Zoe Kissel (USA), Composing Our Stories, Documentary Short (Student)

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