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January 2018

Impact Documentary Film FestivalAbo Bakr Al Haj Ali and Jamie Doran (Syria), The Boy who started the Syrian War, Documentary Feature
Caroline Cory (USA), E.T. CONTACT: They are here, Documentary Feature
Charlie Mysak (USA), Brooklynn, Documentary Short
Forrest Tuff (USA), RELEASED, Documentary Feature
George Siegal (USA), License to Parent, Documentary Feature
Igrayne Hörmann (Netherlands), Red Crayons, Documentary Short (Student)
Ivo Marloh (United Kingdom), All The Wild Horses, Documentary Feature
Justin Wilkinson (USA), Vibration: The Symphony of Life, Documentary Feature
Kyra Gardner (USA), The Dollhouse, Documentary Short (Student)
Lorenzo Cuevas (USA), Reverend Wheels, Documentary Short
Marco G. Lerin (Costa Rica), The Conscious Art of the Hustle, Documentary Feature
Michelle Rebaleati (USA), Walking With Reality, Documentary Short
Patrick Behan (USA), Maryville Kids, Documentary Short
Roberta Staley (Canada), Mightier Than the Sword, Documentary Feature
Roger Sorkin (USA), Tidewater, Documentary Feature
Sandra Luckow (USA), That Way Madness Lies…, Documentary Feature
Tanzeal Rahim  (Australia), Sudep (Sudden & Unexpected), Documentary Short
Yuri Alves (USA), GRIND, Documentary Short and On The Cusp, Documentary Short

Impact Documentary Film FestivalAaron Straight (USA), Peace Is An Inside Job, Documentary Short
Alan Chriest (USA), The Bullying Epidemic, Documentary Short
Alex Eaves (USA), REUSE! Because You Can’t Recycle The Planet., Documentary Feature
Asri Bendacha (United Arab Emirates), Follow Me, Documentary Feature
Ben Tobin (USA), The Functional Potter, Documentary Short
Benjamin Owen, Border Watch Films (USA), Operation Dynamo, Documentary Short
Caleb Chamberlain (USA), Journey of a Yes, Documentary Feature
Carley Andrews (Australia), My Home is my Family…The Story of Ujamaa Children’s Home, Documentary Short
Christopher Birk (USA), Spice Girl, Documentary Feature
Claudia Euen (Germany), In The Shade Of The Apple Tree, Documentary Feature
Clay Haskell (USA), Last Dance at Johnson’s Barn, Documentary Short
Dan Habib (USA), Mr. Connolly Has ALS, Documentary Short
Daniel Young (USA), Art Never Sleeps, Documentary Short (Student)
David Darg (USA), Fear Us Women, Documentary Short
Denis Bojic (Bosnia and Herzegovina), The Faces of Lafora, Documentary Feature
Dennis Ho (USA), Qi, Documentary Short
Dennis Koeppl (Germany), Villa Warna Warni, Documentary Feature
Elizabeth McLeish (Australia), Kells Ride, Documentary Short
Farhaan Aziz (United Kingdom), The Chaos Candidate: How Trump Won, Documentary Feature
Firas Sameer (Iraq), Iraqi National Symphony Orchestra INSO, Documentary Feature
Hosam Abu Dan and Pam Bailey (Gaza, Palestine/ USA), Six Miles Out, Documentary Short
Jacob Langsner (USA), Going Home, Documentary Short (Student)
Jacob Rosdail (USA), Life on the Gila, Documentary Short
Jacques Navarro-Rovira (French Polynesia), Let Us Dance, Documentary Feature
James Anaquad Kleinert  (USA), Disappointment Valley:  A Modern Day Western, Documentary Feature
James Hyams, AJ Garcia, Kevin Lahey and Tae-hoon Lee (Korea ), Korean dog meat exposé, Documentary Short

Janet Tobias (USA), Heart Of The Matter, Documentary Short
Jason Charnick (USA), Getting Over, Documentary Feature
Jason Meath (USA), Citizen Carly, Documentary Feature, Contemporary Issues / Awareness Raising, Direction and Switchers, Documentary Short
Jennie-Sue Nuccio (USA), Through The Walls, Documentary Feature
Jennifer Manner (USA), Zebrafish; Practically People, Transforming the Study of Disease, Documentary Feature
Jim Bendewald (USA), Echoes of the Jurassic, Documentary Feature
John Ferry (USA), Taking Alcatraz, Documentary Short and In A Small Town, Documentary Feature
José Ignacio González García (Nacho González) (Spain), Silenced, when they are the ones abused, Documentary Feature
Josh Wheat and James Giese (USA), Gold Star, Documentary Short (Student)
Justin Clifton (USA), Return From Desolation, Documentary Short
Karl R. Sutton (USA), TranZformed, Documentary Feature
Kate McCaslin and Eve Doherty (USA), I Am Rebecca, Documentary Short
Kelly Nicole Foundation (USA), I Want You to Hear Me: The Kelly Nicole Story, Documentary Short
Kevin Frech (USA), Poacher, Documentary Short
Kevin Kennedy (USA), Germans in Jamaica: War, Spies and Camps, Documentary Feature
Kevin McCaffrey (USA), Finding Common Ground, Documentary Feature
Lisa Boyd (USA), An American Tragedy, Documentary Feature
Louise Leth (Denmark), I, Witness, Documentary Short (Student)
Madeleine Van Dam (USA), Walk on the Mountain, Documentary Short (Student)
Maribel Apuya (USA), The Sakada Series, Documentary Short
Mario Abbade Neto (Brazil), Neville d’Almeida — Chronicler of Beauty and Chaos, Documentary Feature
Mark Knobil (USA), I Wish to Say, Documentary Short
Matthew Everett (United Kingdom), Britains Big Cat Mystery, Documentary Feature
Meg Moritz and Emilie Johnson (USA), ¿Cómo Fue? A Cuban Journey, Documentary Feature
Merv Thomas (Canada), Promising Practices in Timiskaming First Nation, Documentary Short and Promising Practices In Indigenous Communities In Saskatchewan, Documentary Short

Miroslav Nincic (USA), Departing, Documentary Feature
Nancy J. Lilley (Canada), 4 Dancers’ Dreams, Documentary Feature, Narration / Voice-Over Talent (Nancy J Lilley)
Naohiro Asano (Japan), The Last Mile – On the Road to Eliminate Leprosy, Documentary Feature
Nicole Macdonald (USA), Last Days of Chinatown, Documentary Feature
Noelle D Gentile and Michael Mejia (USA), Between Us, Documentary Short
Norton Smith (USA), Toward The Source, Documentary Feature
Orban Wallace (United Kingdom), Another News Story, Documentary Feature
Orlando Torres (USA), Amended Shards, Documentary Short
Pamela Sporn (USA), Detroit 48202: Conversations Along a Postal Route, Documentary Feature
Patrick Baucelin (Martinique), The secret of the fortresses of the Caribbean 2, Documentary Feature
Paul R. Chandler (Canada), It Must Make Peace, Documentary Feature
Pedro McCardell (Brazil), Guanaco, Documentary Short
Philip Braun III (USA), I Lived on Parker Avenue, Documentary Short
Rachel Meyrick, RandR Productions (United Kingdom), What doesn’t kill me, Documentary Feature
Raeshma Razvi (USA), Sailor, Sufi, Spy, Documentary Feature
Ramona Emerson and Kelly Byars (USA), The Mayors of Shiprock, Documentary Feature
Rob Phillips and Jay Korreck (USA), Teacher of the Year – A Documentary Based on a True Story, Documentary Feature
Robert Henno (Belgium), Once upon a time – The savannah, Documentary Short
Robert Williams (USA), Let It Shine: The Story of The Women’s March SLO, Documentary Short
Robin Massee (USA), ANGELS IN OUR MIDST – WWII American Nurses in the Normandy Invasion and European Theater, Documentary Feature
Rocky Dailey (USA), The Dance Between Disciplines: The Harvey Dunn Feminine Images Project, Documentary Short
Ross Raventos (USA), Honor Flight: Vietnam, Documentary Short
Shiv Paul and Jiayi Ying (USA), What Are You Looking For?, Documentary Feature
Stephen Linstead (United Kingdom), Black Snow, Documentary Short
Terry Leary, George Lewis (Nicaragua), Journey  From War to Peace, Documentary Short
Virginia Orzel (USA), Dyslexia: A Beautiful Brain, Documentary Feature and Scleroderma: The Truth, Documentary Short
Wayne Goodrich and Kenny Lykins, GCFilms (USA), Shadows in the Closet, Documentary Feature
Wendy Bednarz (USA), Burning Money: Consumerism In the Afterlife, Documentary Feature
Wojciech Lorenc and Mark Hanson (USA), Hao Wela: The Untold Story of Hot Rodding in Hawai’i, Documentary Feature
Yusuf Al-Rahman (USA), Aphrodisiac, Documentary Feature
Zahra Faraji (Canada), Gisou, Documentary Short

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