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January 2018

Marta Shaw, Tom Sheahan & Jamie Welham

Ross Kemp: Libya’s Migrant Hell

Marta Shaw (United Kingdom)
–  Ross Kemp: Libya’s Migrant Hell. BAFTA winner Ross Kemp and his team investigate the horrific conditions migrants face in Libya trying to escape to Europe in this hard hitting doc. Before the flimsy and overcrowded rubber dinghies, the trip across the desert is even more deadly. Most will likely be trafficked into slavery or prostitution, while others are dumped into detention camps and are largely forgotten about. Freshwater Films gained unprecedented access to places where they  are being held as slaves, a brothel where women are  trafficked, filmed tribal leaders,  persuaded a smuggler to let them travel on the pickup trucks through the desert and rode with the Libyan coast guard saving thousands. None of this had been previously seen. Kemp brings a personal plea to viewers – “To understand the problem, before you make rush judgements about immigration.” Skillfully produced by Executive producer BAFTA winner Tom Sheahan (Bear Grylls: Breaking Point, Survivor Games), producer Jamie Welham (Ross Kemp: Extreme World, Unreported World) and director Marta Shaw (The Hunt for Britain’s Sex Traffickers, Scam City) this is an impactful doc that brings home in stunning detail the tragic, inhumane and heart-breaking migrant journey with exclusive and compelling footage.Pistons, Passions, Pleasures – A Sicilian Dream – Philip Walsh

Philip Walsh (United Kingdom) – Pistons, Passions, Pleasures – A Sicilian Dream. This beautifully crafted doc brings together the key elements that made the Targa Florio the event that it was – the man, the race and the island. Hosted by racing driver and television presenter Alain de Cadenet (Speed Channel, ESPN) and revered Italian historian and television host Francesco da Mosto, they explore the intrigue of this legendary racing event.  Theatrical in its style with dream-like reconstructions and dramatic recreations, it features some stunning visuals of the Sicilian countryside and cinematic shots throughout.  Deftly directed and produced, it is an upbeat journey peppered with dramatic moments, sumptuous cinematography, solid sound design and an entertaining soundtrack.  Directed by Philip Walsh, produced by David Biggins and written by Carolyn Saunders (Ghostly Encounters, Mighty Ships).

Tom Jennings and David Tillman (United Kingdom) Diana: In Her Own Words – Critically acclaimed filmmakers weave archival footage and photos with rare recordings from secret interviews by Princess Diana to craft a moving account of her tumultuous life. Compelling, enlightening and skillfully crafted by Emmy and Peabody award winners Tom Jennings and David Tillman.

Shraysi Tandon (USA) Invisible Hands – Exposes child labor and trafficking within the supply chains of the world’s biggest corporations. It reveals children as young as five making products we use daily and wrenching undercover footage of children being sold for as little as $34. Produced by Oscar-winner Charles Ferguson (Inside Job, No End In Sight).

Impact Documentary Film Festival

Andre Singer (United Kingdom) Where the Wind Blew Emmy and Peabody Award winner Singer delivers a superb account of the Cold War super powers’ years of developing nuclear weapons while sacrificing their own citizens. Using archive and testimony, this harrowing story is told through the victims affected by nuclear bomb testing.

Impact Documentary Film FestivalThomas Nazario (USA) Living on a Dollar a Day – Touching and traumatic, we follow Pulitzer Prize-winner Renée Byer as she explores families living in extreme poverty around the globe. Well-crafted, great visuals by George Rosenfeld, four-time Emmy winner editor Karlo Gharabegian and adept direction from acclaimed Human Rights Activist Nazario.

Pamela Roberts, Peter Miller (USA) Robert Shaw – Man of Many Voices – Traces the improbable story of Shaw, from his childhood as a preacher’s son through his rise to the heights of classical music, his incomparable passion and his civil rights leadership. Poignant and compelling nimbly directed by Miller and narrated by Emmy-winner David Hyde Pierce.

Emanuel Altenburger (Austria) Chamber Music Wonderland – Excellent filmmaking drives this musical voyage following a group of superb musicians to a unique music festival. A tight storyline, without a narrator, brings alive their own words and lush cinematography creates an idyllic scenes in the hands of Altenburger (Director and DoP for Discovery, BBC, NHK).

Impact Documentary Film FestivalBill Wisneski (USA) Shadow of Drought:  Southern California’s Looming Water Crisis – While California recovers from the worst drought in history, a myriad of impacts from climate change threaten California’s imported water. This doc explores the dire consequences of inaction. Intriguing, beautifully shot and expertly crafted by fourteen time regional Emmy-winner Wisneski.

Shane Anderson (USA) A River’s Last Chance – Anderson’s specialty are films that raise awareness of environmental issues and promote positive change. This doc about salmon, timber, weed and wine along California’s Eel River highlights the critical issues facing the landscape and population and provides solutions. Persuasive, well researched and crafted.

Impact Documentary Film FestivalJeff Witzeman (USA) Cancer Can Be Killed – Actor turned filmmaker Witzeman’s (Fraiser, Webster) quest to know how his wife was cured of cancer in 30 days in Germany, using only natural means, as American doctors offered surgery, chemo and no hope. What he found will change cancer treatment forever. Compelling, relatable and eye-opening.

Alexander and Nicole Gratovsky (Spain)Intraterrestrial. A Fleeting Contact – A poetic and lyrical exploration of Dolphins and Whales representing the most ancient form of consciousness on Earth. An esoteric look at their abilities and habits and what valuable lessons they can provide to humanity. Artistic cinematography, flowing narration and beautiful soundtrack.

Alex McCall (United Kingdom), The Epic Voyage Of The Jubilee Hope, Documentary Feature
Annelise Wunderlicu (USA), The Corridor, Documentary Feature
Arturo Cisneros (Spain), I know where the money is Mum, Documentary Feature, Contemporary Issues / Awareness Raising, Original Song (Mikel Salas)
Ashwini Kumar Bhat (India), Aghanashini, Documentary Feature
Bertram Verhaag (Germany), Code of Survival – or the End of Genetic Engineering, Documentary Feature
Craig Leon (USA), Sprayed, Documentary Short
Darius Norowzian (United Kingdom), Born A Believer, Documentary Short
Donna Zaccaro (USA), To A More Perfect Union: U.S. v. Windsor, Documentary Feature
Doug Nichols (USA), The Last Captain, Documentary Feature
Dragos Teglas and Anda Teglas (United Kingdom), 13 Shades of Romanian, Documentary Feature

Eleanor Paish (United Kingdom), Tainted Love, Documentary Short (Student)
Eliana Alvarez Martinez (USA), Spirit of Discovery, Documentary Feature
George Rethy (Canada), Sister Elisabeth – The Strength of Faith, Documentary Feature
Giselle Portenier (Canada), In The Name Of Your Daughter, Documentary Feature
Golden Era Productions (USA), The Hidden Enemy: Inside Psychiatry’s Covert Agenda, Documentary Feature
Inder Nirwan (Canada), Trophy, Documentary Short
J Stephen Morrison and Justin Kenny, CSIS Global Health Policy Center Center in cooperation with the  CSIS Dracopoulos iDeas Lab (USA), The New Barbarianism, Documentary Feature, Script / Writer
Jiri Bakala and Lucie Bakala, Ascent Films inc. (Canada), A River Film, Documentary Short
Joey Howell (USA), Boys With Bigger Hearts, Documentary Feature
John West (USA), Human Zoos, Documentary Feature
Julie Marron (USA), Four Games in Fall, Documentary Feature
Kate McIntyre Clere and Mick McIntyre (Australia), KANGAROO, Documentary Feature
Kerry David, KDC Films (USA), Bill Coors: The Will To Live, Documentary Feature
Kevin May (USA), It’s Raining, So What, Documentary Feature
Matthew McKee (USA), BaseBallet, Documentary Short

Mike Hill (Australia), Hippocratic, Documentary Feature
Mirko Conte (Italy), Journey To Herculaneum, Documentary Feature
Niall Doran and Justin Smith (Australia), SIXTEEN LEGS, Documentary Feature, Original Score (Siren’s Song by Dean Stevenson and Kate Miller-Heidke), Creativity / Originality, Direction, Editing, Nature / Environment / Wildlife, Cinematography, Script / Writer
Nina Vallado (USA), Sisterly, Documentary Short (Student)
Rob Herring (USA), The Need To GROW, Documentary Feature
Samuel Harvey (United Kingdom), Valerie, Documentary Short
Skye Borgman (USA), Forever ‘B’, Documentary Feature
Stephan Wellink and Robert de Young (Australia), Rod Taylor: Pulling No Punches, Documentary Feature
Stephen Mulhearn (United Kingdom), Eternity’s Sunrise, Documentary Feature
Tim Gray (USA), Journey Home to the USS Arizona, Documentary Feature
Uraaz Bahl (India), Ladies First, Documentary Short


Impact Documentary Film Festival


Impact Documentary Film Festival