Awards of Recognition January 2016

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Impact documentary Film Festival

January 2016Award Recognition

Alan De Herrera (USA), The Jumper Maybach Story, Documentary Feature
Alan E Franks (USA), The Pursuit of Hippo-ness, Documentary Feature
Alan Gignoux (USA), Appalachia – Mountaintop to Moonscape, Documentary Short
Augie Lobet (Australia), A Spoonful of Sugar, Documentary Short (Student)
Ben Croker (Australia), Skin and Bone, Documentary Short (Student)
Ben Tobin (USA), Ashfielders Episode 2: Emmett, Documentary Short
Brenda Mattick (Australia), BANH BAO BIKES (FRIED DUMPLINGS & BIKES), Documentary Short
Brian Boye (USA), Famous Last Words, Documentary Feature
Carley Andrews (Australia), My African Home, Documentary Short
Catherine Njuguna (Tanzania), Starting a cassava revolution in East and Southern Africa, Documentary Short
Chris Alfonso (USA), In Plain Sight, Documentary Short (Student)
Claire M. Andreae (USA), ATTO: An Adventure in the Amazon, Documentary Short
Claudia Adams (USA), DRY-CLEAN ONLY, Contemporary Issues / Awareness Raising, Research, Viewer Impact: Content / Message Delivery
Dan Healy (USA), Finding Joshua, Documentary Feature, Disability Issues, Original Score (The World Is Waiting For The Sunrise by David Remmers)
Daniel Schioler (Canada), Then Then Then, Documentary Short
David Poulshock (USA), Raw Materials, Documentary Feature
Denise Richards (USA), Free Flight, Documentary Short


Eric Simon (USA), What’s Going On With Wolves?, Documentary Feature
Eric White (USA), War of Existence, Documentary Feature
Faiza Almontaser (USA), POET AGAINST PREJUDICE, Documentary Short (Student)
Gabrielle Sebastian (USA), Homeless With Laughter, Documentary Feature
Gall Karen (Australia), REDEMPTION ‘People Can Change’, Documentary Feature
Geoffrey Cox (United Kingdom), Tree People, Documentary Short, Sound: Overall Impact, Original Score (Tree People by Geoffrey Cox)
Gianina Ferreyra (USA), Curly, Documentary Feature
Isabella Szabolcs and Daniel Brown (USA), Colombia’s Ride of Death, Documentary Short (Student)
Jacob Freydont-Attie (USA), The Cross of the Moment, Documentary Feature
Jaideep Chauhan (India), Smile Train, Documentary Short
James Boo (USA), Nothing With Something: Death of a Diner, Documentary Feature
Jaswant Dev Shrestha (Nepal), Mustang Secrets Beyond the Himalayas, On-Camera Talent (Jaswant Dev Shrestha)
Jeremy Thomson (Australia), The Incidental Activist, Documentary Short (Student)
Joel Benson (Nigeria), Still Standing, Documentary Short
Joshua Walker (Australia), Out on a Lim, Documentary Short (Student)
Laughton / Miranda (United Kingdom), North Coast 500, Documentary Short
Laura P. Valtorta (USA), Water Women, Documentary Short
Lex Tyson (Australia), What’s the Deal with Data?, Documentary Short (Student)
Lynne Deese and Sean Sonnenburg, NC DHHS/NC Assistive Technology Program (USA), An Accessible Life, An Able Life, Documentary Short
Marilyn Metta and Chris Gosfield (Australia), How I Became A Refugee, Documentary Short, Use of Film / Video for Social Change


Matilde Gagliardo and Francesco Milo (Italy), L’infanzia di Orlandino. Antonio Pasqualino e l’opera dei pupi, Documentary Feature
Matthew Everett (United Kingdom), Search for the Aswang, Documentary Short
Meg Brown (USA), Raising Owen: A Genderqueer Love Story, Documentary Short
Mia Ma (France), Cantonese rice, Documentary Feature
Morgana Muses (Australia), It’s My Birthday and I’ll Fly If I Want To, Documentary Short
Murad Nassar (Palestine), the sun’s victims, Documentary Short
Nathalie Loubeyre (France), Flow Mechanics, Documentary Feature
Neal Fox (USA), The CONSPIRACY Project, Documentary Feature
Nina Gilden Seavey (USA), Parables of War, Direction, Disability Issues
Oliver Hartas (Australia), Sailing With Wings, Documentary Short (Student)
Ralph Isenberg and Joe De La Fuente (USA), La Liberacion de AlEXIS / The Discovery of Santos, Documentary Short
Rukhsana Akhter Bhatti and Clair Haynes (United Kingdom), Brightside, Documentary Short
Sarah Salcedo Samudre and Vasant Samudre (USA), Promised Land, Documentary Feature
Silvia De Gennaro (Italy), Rubbish World, Documentary Short
Yulia Matsiy (Italy), Lives & Hopes of LGBT Christians, Documentary Short
Zviki Eshet (Israel), A KICK TO HEAVEN, Documentary Feature

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