Awards of Merit January 2016

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January 2016

Andrea Desky (USA), Climb to Justice, Documentary Short
Cleo Tellier (Canada), The Silence, Documentary Short, Women Filmmakers (Student)
Emanuel Hoss-Desmarais (Canada), What Lies Below, Documentary Feature
Environmental Justice Foundation (United Kingdom), Thailand’s Seafood Slaves, Documentary Short
Jae Seob Hwang (Korea), White Devil, Documentary Feature
Kara Rhodes and Suzan Pelfrey (USA), BridgeWalkers, Documentary Feature
Kellie Mitchell (USA), Flying Queens: A Basketball Dynasty, Documentary Feature
Kieran Hodges (New Zealand), Canoes for Peru, Documentary Short
Marco Orsini (Monaco), Gray Matters – The Documentary, Documentary Feature
Mike Hill (Australia), Little Stars: Accomplishing the Extraordinary in the Face of Serious Illness, Documentary Feature
Moral Courage Project (USA), I Am Moral Courage: A New Yorker Escapes Forced Marriage In Egypt, Documentary Short
Pioneer Cinema Institute, Adam Pfleghaar (USA), In Search of Balance, Documentary
Reshel Shah, One Day Productions Limited (United Kingdom), Black Sheep, Documentary Feature
RJ Huggins (Canada), The Greatest Freedom Show on Earth, Documentary Feature
Sangita Iyer (Canada), Gods in Shackles, Documentary Feature
Susan Douglas (United Kingdom), WHAT ABOUT ME?, Documentary FeatureImpact Documentary Film FestivalAaditi Dutt (India), Nepal Heroes, Documentary Short
Adam Soch (USA), REZA ABDOH, Theatre Visionary, Documentary Feature
Alejandra Leibovich (USA), Hitching a Ride on Entropy, Documentary Feature
Alex McCall and Eirini Vachlioti (United Kingdom), WRITTEN BY MRS BACH, Documentary Feature
Alonzo Crawford (USA), A Separate Place: (The Schools P.S. Du Pont Built), Documentary Feature
Amoghavarsha JS (India), Kali, Documentary Short
Andi Reiss (United Kingdom), Silhouette Secrets, Documentary Feature
Andrew Wall (Canada), Burning Ember: The Steve Bell Journey, Documentary Feature
Bernadette Wegenstein (USA), The Good Breast, Documentary Feature
Chris and Maurice Micallef (Malta), LIFE LINE FOR A CITY, Documentary Short
Chris Hale (United Kingdom), Everybody Falls Down, Documentary Short
Chris Kiefer and SkEye Studios (USA), Beat Feet: Scotty Smiley’s Blind Journey to Ironman, Documentary Feature
Christina Vestey (South Africa), GirlZtalk, Documentary Short
Christopher Phillips (USA), Ferguson 365, Documentary Short
Craig Daniel Leon (Ecuador/Brazil/USA), Modern Nature, Original Score (Modern Nature, composed by Alexander Leon)
Cristian Piazza (USA), WAITING, Documentary Feature
Dams, Drugs & Democracy: The Struggle for Resources in Kachin State, Myanmar, Documentary Feature
Dante Tanikie-Montagnani (United Kingdom), Maasai 10th Lost Tribe of Israel, Documentary Feature
David Goodman (USA), Singers’ in the Band, Documentary Feature
David Hovan (Canada), BORN IN ADANA, Documentary Short
Dena Seidel (USA), Antarctic Edge: 70 Degrees South, Documentary Feature
Elizabeth Baker (USA), We Know Not What We Do, Documentary Feature
Elsa Sinclair (USA), Taming Wild: A Girl and A Mustang, Documentary Feature
Fancy Fechser (USA), Caste A Wave, Documentary Short
Gary Novak (USA), Angels with a Cause, Documentary Short

Giuseppe Oliverio, Federico Telerman and Nicolas Uboldi (Italy and Argentina), A Conscious Dream, Documentary Short
Henrik Larsson (USA), The Way of the Brave, Documentary Feature
Jacques Thouvenot (USA), When I Grow Up, I Want to Be Flamenco, Documentary Feature
Jake Smith (South Korea), While They Watched, Documentary Feature
Jake Witzenfeld (United Kingdom), ORIENTED, Documentary Feature
James Redford (USA), Resilience, Documentary Feature
Jaswant Dev Shrestha (Nepal), Mustang Secrets Beyond the Himalayas, Documentary Feature
Jean Carper (USA), Monster in the Mind, Documentary Feature
Jeremy Simmons (USA), Carry On: Finding Hope in the Canyon, Documentary Feature
Jocelyn Motter (USA), The Human Element, Documentary Feature (Student)
Kate Lord (USA), Pursuing Dreams: Stories of Refugee and Immigrant Youth in California, Documentary Short
Laurence Guenoun (France), The Garden of Hope, Documentary Feature
Lucien Noe (USA), Beyond Strength, Documentary Feature
Marilyn Bright (Canada), Brilliant Life, Documentary Feature
Mark Faulk and Brittney Shantel Guest (USA), Voices in a Jailhouse, Documentary Feature
Martha Gorzycki (USA), Voices From Kaw Thoo Lei, Documentary Short
Meryl Goldsmith (USA), The Syndrome, Documentary Feature
Michael Allcock (Canada), Kubo’s Crickets, Documentary Short
Mike Hill (Australia), Take Heart, Documentary Feature
Natalia Diaz (Spain), Guatemala, the spirit of memory, Documentary Feature
Nefise Özkal Lorentzen (Norway), Manislam – Islam and masculinity, Documentary Feature
Nicholas McNaughton (USA), Earned My Spot, Documentary Short
Nina Gilden Seavey (USA), Parables of War, Documentary Short, Concept, Creativity / Originality, Original Score (Parables of War by John Califra, performed by the Czech Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra)
Nitsan Tal (USA), Writers Matter, Documentary Feature
Noel Julnes-Dehner (USA), Coming Home from the Streets, Documentary Short


Pamela French and Elizabeth Niles (USA), Becoming More Visible, Documentary Feature
Peter Navarro (USA), Crouching Tiger: Will There Be War With China, Documentary Short
Peter Williams (United Kingdom), The Challenge, Documentary Feature
Richard Raubolt (USA), Detroit: Living In Between, Documentary Short
Roumanet Françoise (France), Locked Outside, Documentary Feature
Sarah Salcedo Samudre and Vasant Samudre (USA), Promised Land, Native American / Aboriginal Peoples, History / Biographical
Shalini Harshwal (India), Out of a Jam, Documentary Feature
Soniya Kirpalani (United Arab Emirates), 17 Not Required Indians, Documentary Feature
Stathis Plotas and Jerzy Donus (Sweden), For My Children, Documentary Feature
Stéphanie Barbey and Luc Peter (Switzerland), Broken Land, Documentary Feature
Steve Elfers and Ian James (USA), PUMPED DRY: The Global Crisis of Vanishing Groundwater, Documentary Feature
Ted Kay (USA), Journey to a Miracle: Freedom from Insulin, Documentary Feature
Tirtza Even (USA), Natural Life, Documentary Feature
Tom Hayes (USA), Two Blue Lines, Documentary Feature
Umut Vedat (Turkey), Dark Atlas, Documentary Feature

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