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By request of our filmmakers – Impact DOCS offers the opportunity to purchase a statuette for all award levels.

Best of Show Winners:
The Best of Show winners will receive one complimentary statuette.

Statuette Details:
The Impact DOCS Awards Statuette is a 24K gold-plated statue mounted on a rosewood base with an engraving plate.

A beautiful figure, the award stands just under 16 inches tall (40.64 cm) and weighs four pounds (1.81 kg).  It is a bold statement and perfectly represents the accomplishments of an Impact DOC!

The beautiful statuette is manufactured by the company that makes the world’s most prestigious and celebrated awards, the world-famous Oscar and Emmy Award!  We want nothing but the best for our filmmakers.

The statuette is truly a work of art.

Size:  Gold Figurine:  11 inches / Rosewood Base 4.5 inches / Engraving Plate:  3 inches x 2.5 inches

Engraving:  8 lines / 24 characters per line (includes spaces and special characters)

See the Statuette:

Click on the image of the statuette above to enlarge .

Pricing, Shipping and Packaging:

The pricing is $390 USD per statuette
International shipping: $75 USD per statuette
U.S.A. shipping: $10 USD per statuette

Your award arrives in a padded gift box surrounded by additional packing material.  Our team will ensure that you can track the package once it has shipped from our factory partner.

As each statuette is hand-crafted, please allow 4 – 6 weeks for delivery.

Documentary Film Festival

Stickers are available for purchase to include on your DVD case and other marketing materials.


Gold foil stickers are $40 per 100 stickers

If you are an IMPACT DOCS Award winner  – Congratulations!

Click HERE to order your statuettes.