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2015 / 2016 Worthy causes supported by our award winning documentarians:

Impact documentary film festivalUnder The Same Sun – We help people with the genetic condition of albinism overcome often deadly discrimination through advocacy and education.

Documentary Film FestivalHarrison’s Fund –  It gives money to the best scientists in the world, enabling them to find a cure for Duchenne muscular dystrophy, a devastating fatal genetic disease which often kills boys before they become men.

Documentary Film FestivalThe U.S. Campaign for Burma – A U.S.-based organization dedicated to empowering grassroots activists around the world to promote democracy, human rights, justice and national reconciliation in Burma.

documentary film festivalThe Wounded Warrior Project – Raises public awareness about the issues that our wounded warrior face and provides services to our veterans upon their return home.

documentary film festivalThe Colne Valley Tree Society –  A volunteer charity group that has been planting trees in Colne Valley, West Yorkshire, UK, since 1964:

Documentary Film FestivalTecho – We are a youth lead NGO that seeks to overturn poverty in slums, through collaborative work of families living in poverty and youth volunteers

Documentary Film FestivalSilid Aralan Inc. – (SAI) is a non-profit organization that aims to give low performing, underprivileged students confidence in their own capabilities as a means of affecting their academic performance for the better.

documentary film festivalConsejo Regional Wixarika – We promote globally the struggle of the Wixarika people (the Huichols), to save Wirikuta, their most sacred place, still endangered by transnational mining concessions given by the Mexican Government in 2010.

documentary film festivalRefugee Transitions – Creating education, family engagement, and community leadership opportunities for the San Francisco Bay Area’s refugee, immigrant, and asylee newcomer communities since 1982.

documentary film festivalSki Jumping Canada –  To raise awareness and support Canada’s underfunded Olympic ski jumping team.

documentary film festivalICROSS:  An organization that has been helping the tragically poor and vulnerable in Kenya since the late 70’s.

documentary film festivalBalance Toe:  The Piwweltha Indian, Balance Toe, of the Rainbow Clan, shares his mission with the world and  the wisdom and teachings of his people.

documentary film festival For My Children:  To reval CYPA crimes. Introduce officials liability. Protect Childrens’ – Humans and Family Rights.

documentary film festivalNorth Coast 500 – The mission  is to help generate tourism for small businesses in the most remote parts of the Scottish Highlands.

documentary film festival United Steps:  A privately funded, non-profit organization whose mission is to reverse the cycle of homelessness.

Documentary film festivalThe Concussion Legacy Foundation: Believes we all have a responsibility to ensure athletes can reach their full potential on and off the field. We are committed to protecting athletes and families through research, policy, and education.

Documentary film festivalRing 10 NY – Helping Retired Boxers Through The Toughest Fight of Their Lives.

Documentary film festivalProject Moken – Through films, interactive productions and ecotourism working towards a sustainable future for the Moken sea nomads. We focus on the unique and fascinating nature of their 3500-year old culture as being one with the ocean.

The Thai Elephant Conservation Center (TECC) – Rehabilitation of the injured logging and eco-tourism elephants, in need, including financial support for the elephant’s mahout (lifetime trainer/caretaker) while his elephant is unable to work and earn income.  The Thai Elephant Conservation Center (TECC)

Ujamaa Children’s Home Tanzania – Provides long term high quality family-style care for orphaned and vulnerable children in Arusha, Tanzania.

ACT Today! – They help families provide care and treatment for their children with autism.

UNITED OPT OUT: The Movement to End Corporate Education Reform – Serves as a focused point of unyielding resistance to corporate ed. reform.

Outdoors Alliance for Kids – Fosters the belief that the wellness of current and future generations, the health of our planet and communities and the economy of the future depend on humans having a personal, direct and life-long relationship with nature and the outdoors.

OLTRE L’ORIZZONTE –  It is an organization supporting persons affected by Down Syndrome. They work in laboratories producing craftsmanship in order auto financing the organization itself. With this activity these persons feel happy and active in their life.

LIBERANDO LE ALI –  An organization supporting persons affected by Down Syndrome. Sergeant Patronelli use to organize events with artists in order to collect money for kids (Afghanistan), organize clown therapy in hospitals and many other activities charity oriented.

Barzani Charity Foundation – BCF is a charity non-profitable organization formed in 2005.  BCF dedicates its work and projects on humanitarian efforts and helping poor people as well as refugees providing medical needs and equipment to disabled people across Kurdistan Region.


2016 Causes

Voice for Asian Elephants Society – Giving voice to Asian elephants using  media and powerful narratives to highlight the plight of these amazing creatures and the treatment that they receive.

S.H.A.D.E. ProjectSurvivors Healing Advising and Dedicated to Empowerment empowers survivors of sexual exploitation, human trafficking and domestic violence.

Misophonia Awareness – Brings awareness and support to people with misophonia –  a disorder related to the processing of specific sounds in the brain – resulting in a life of anxiety, rage and isolation.

ADDAD MaliThe aim of ADDAD  is to empower and defend the rights of young girls aged between 10 and 16 and earning between 10 and 15 dollars a month as domestic workers in Mali (Africa) .

Spare Some Change – To engage, enlighten, and empower homeless youth to create change in their lives and to provide direction toward a stable future and to use the power of media to create a wake-up call for America.

Web of Life Foundation – utilizes educational outreach that includes videos and photography to illustrate and foster our interconnectedness on this planet.

Lifebox Foundation – For millions of people in low-resource settings, there’s no such thing as a ‘routine operation’.  Surgery is urgent, life-saving – and often unsafe.Lifebox makes surgery and anesthesia safer on a global scale.

Vets With A Missiontakes Vietnam Veterans back to that beautiful land to love, serve, and care for the poorest of the poor. Bringing healthcare to those who can afford none is a major part of of this ministry of reconciliation.

Impact documentary film festivalSPANA – The leading charity for the world’s working animals.  Passionate about protecting and caring for the world’s working animals. An amazingly dedicated group of people work tirelessly to help those animals that are always overlooked.

Impact documentary film festivalThe Gorilla Foundation – Our mission is to learn about gorillas by communicating with them, and to apply our knowledge to advance great ape conservation, education, care and empathy.

Impact documentary film festival

Kupu-Kupu Foundation – Improves the lives of people with disabilities in Bali, Indonesia.  Serves them with education, socialization, activities and much love.

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