Awards of Recognition July 2020

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Impact documentary Film Festival

July 2020

Documentary Film festival

A. Buchanan (USA), The Adventures of Kehaulani, Documentary Short, Women Filmmakers
Amin Maher (Germany), Letter to my mother, Documentary Short
Anand Acts (Singapore), BLACK BOX, Documentary Short
Andre Menras (France), Vietnam, a cry from within, Documentary Feature
Aswin Ramachandran (USA), Wolf & Duce, Documentary Short
Benjamin Connell (USA), Wings of Angels, Documentary Short
Brian Walsh (Australia), Men and Love, Documentary Short
Carla Sacco (Canada), A Kind Era, Documentary Short
Charles and Mary Love (USA), The Dream Revisited, Civil Rights in Perspective, Documentary Short
Connor Moran amd Joel Primus (Canada), Raising Global Citizens, Documentary Feature
Dale Jakubowski (USA), Springtime Odyssey, Documentary Feature
Diogo Varela Silva, Hot Chilli Films (Portugal), Zé Pedro Rock n Roll, Documentary Feature
Donnie Dodge (USA), All the King’s Men- 1910 Cornhusker Football, Documentary Feature
Eleanor Goldfield (USA), Hard Road of Hope, Documentary Feature
Giorgio Citarella II (USA), Hotlines: Now More Than Ever, Documentary Short (Student)

Impact Documentary Festival

Hadasah Ingrid Cornell (USA), Why Kap Kneeled, African American
James Curry (USA), masterjam, Documentary Feature
Japna Tulsi (India), Windfall of Grace, Documentary Feature
Jenn Lindsay (Italy), Quarantined Faith: Rome, Religion and Coronavirus, Documentary Short
Joel Van der Molen (United Kingdom), The Magnificence of You, Documentary Short
John Pings (USA), Oregon Water Colors, Cinematography
Jonathan Smith (USA), Remembering Elwood Higginbottom, Documentary Short
Joshua S. Bischof (USA), Burn With Us, Documentary Feature
Kaye Tuckerman (USA), The Last Queen, Documentary Short
Keren Perlmutter (USA), Determined: The Story of Holocaust Survivor Avraham Perlmutter, Documentary Feature
Leah Manasseh (Lebanon), I Bleed, Documentary Feature (Student)
Leonard Smith III (USA), A Place Called Desire, Documentary Feature
Luc Bellon (France), Lyari – Survival of the Fringes, Documentary Feature
Lucy Hansard (United Kingdom), Your Body Can, Documentary Short

Impact Documentary Festival

Marc Grandsard (France), The Visit, Documentary Feature, Viewer Impact: Content / Message Delivery
Mario Abbade (Brazil), Ivan, The TerrirBle, Documentary Feature, Direction
Marvin (Toby) Yarbrough and Andrew Latuo (USA), The Quiet Healing, Documentary Feature
Michael Reynolds (USA), Under the Great Oak, Documentary Feature
Olivier Hespel (France), SALT, Documentary Feature
Paul Edward Foulkes and Aaron Yamashita (Japan), HIV SAVED MY LIFE, Documentary Feature
Phil Garrison (USA), Stacy, Documentary Short
Rahsaan Jones (USA), Homeland Hero, Documentary Short
Renee Schwartz (USA), River Woman, Documentary Short
Sandy Holman (USA), The Cost of Darkness, Documentary Feature (Student)
Shihyun Wang (USA), Win the Invisible War – WuHan Virus, Documentary Short
Sikeith Walker (USA), Undefeated Hip-Hop Dance Documentary, Documentary Short
Snehasish Sarkar (India), One for the Other, Documentary Short, Contemporary Issues / Awareness Raising, Health / Medicine / Science
Sophie Francey (USA), Becoming _________, Documentary Short (Student)
Vedavyasa N K (India), Retina:Light sensitive Layer, Diagnostic Equipment, Common Diseases, Documentary Short
Yu Hao Ting, Deep Waters Digital Support INC (Taiwan), The Change in Education, Original Score (Pasibutbut)

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