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Impact documentary Film Festival

July 2019

Documentary Film festival

Adam Ybarra (USA), Gang Love, Documentary Short
Amanda Schenkman (USA), Believe: The Story of The Gofarr Fund, Documentary Short (Student)
Andreas Geipel and Christian Gibson (Australia), Pacífico, Documentary Feature
Andrew Hasse (USA), Being 97, Documentary Short
Ani Hovannisian (USA), The Hidden Map, Documentary Feature
Anjali Bhushan (India), My Home India, Documentary Feature
Arata Shigeno (Japan), The Ancestors’ Memories, Documentary Feature (Student)
Christopher Scissons (Canada), Places of Perception, Documentary Short
Christopher Spence (USA), Jail or Yale: Young, Black and Out of Options?, Documentary Short
Dave D. Leins (Germany), The Gay, the Negro and the Holy Mountain, Documentary Feature
Dean McCrea (USA), Henry’s Hair, Documentary Short
Diane Burroughs (USA), This Is What Democracy Looks Like, Documentary Short
E W Helmick (Australia), Take Your Dream, Documentary Feature
Elizabeth Tobias (USA), Survivor! 98 Second Stories, Documentary Short
Ellie Bernstein and Tracy Nichole Cring (USA), The Isis Trial, Documentary Feature
Emily Bayrock (Canada), Virgo Rising, Documentary Short (Student)
Eric Simon (USA), What to Do about Climate Disruption?, Documentary Feature

Impact Documentary Festival

Hannes Verhoustraete (Belgium), Un pays plus beau qu’avant, Documentary Feature
Hendricksen Armand (USA), State of Flow, Documentary Short
Inglin Sophie (Switzerland), X-ray Machines: Africa’s Broken System, Documentary Feature
J. Wiggins (USA), Girl Dads, Documentary Short
Jane Wells (USA), Go Debbie, Documentary Short
Judy Meredith, PhD (USA), Who Is James Meredith?, Documentary Short
Julie Nunis (USA), Jazz v. Punk: Hermosa Beach, Documentary Short
Kuan Liu (USA), A Daoist as Migrant, Documentary Short
Lehr Jackson (USA), The Endless War, Documentary Feature
Leslee Goodman (USA), Twisp: The Power of Community, Documentary Short
Liz Toussaint (USA), American as Bean Pie, Documentary Feature
Luciano Moucks and Luciana Rodrigues  (Brazil), Super Tinga Hero from Two Continents, Documentary Feature
Malona P. Badelt (USA), Mateo’s Story, Documentary Short
Marjan Riazi (USA), High Hopes, Documentary Short (Student)
Martin Saunders (USA), X-An Artful Life, Documentary Feature
Nadia Zouaoui (Canada), Islam of my childhood, Documentary Feature

Impact Documentary Festival

Neville Farmer (United Kingdom), Language Is A Virus From Outer Space, Documentary Feature
Pankaja Brooke (United Kingdom), Why We Love War, Documentary Feature
Paul Cooke (United Kingdom), The Born Free Generation, Phendulani’s Story and Me, Documentary Short (Student)
Paul Kirby (USA), Lodestar, Documentary Short (Student)
R.W. McGrath (USA), Why I Stream – GrndPaGaming, Documentary Short and Why I Stream – Black Oni, Documentary Short
R.J. Maloney (Canada), Battletoads: The Story Behind The Hardest Video Game Ever Made, Documentary Short
Remington Long (USA), Alchemy, Documentary Short
Richard Vetere (USA), Where Are We Now?  The Italian American Today, Documentary Short
Sabine Matheson (France), Punch, Documentary Feature
Sean See (USA), Dear Rosalynn, Documentary Feature
Tanuja Chandra, A Boy and A Dog Productions (India), Aunty Sudha Aunty Radha, Documentary Feature
The Church of Almighty God (Korea), The Long Road of Exile, Documentary Feature
Tyler A. Chase (USA), A CASTLE IN BROOKLYN, KING ARTHUR, Documentary Feature
Victor Terentev (Russia), PASS TO HEAVEN, Documentary Feature
Weam Namou (USA), The Great American Family, Documentary Feature
William Patrick Patterson (USA), Spiritual Pilgrimage: Mr. Gurdjieff’s Father’s Grave, Documentary Feature


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