Awards of Recognition January 2023

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Impact documentary Film Festival

January 2023

Documentary Film festival

Abie Ekenezar, A’Noelle Jackson, Mona Das and Preston Standiferd (USA), Bad Ass Women Doing Kick Ass Shit, Documentary Feature
Angelo Musco (USA), THE LAND OF SCARS, Documentary Feature
Anne Lewis and Laura Varela (USA), raúlrsalinas and the poetry of liberation: un trip, Documentary Short
Armin Nasseri (USA), George Hobbs: Stick Figure Wisdom, Documentary Feature
Becca Foxx (USA), Portrait of Etika, Documentary Short
Catarina Neves (Portugal), Not Done Yet, Documentary Feature
David Chihhorng Lee (USA), 8th Place Trophies, Documentary Short
Eme (Melissa) Eidson (USA), Slow Fashion, Documentary Short
Emiko Carlin and Nathan Crumrine (USA), T.H.E. Human Side (a short documentary), Documentary Short
Eugénie Bouquet (Switzerland), Not in Love, Documentary Short (Student)
Gloria Z. Greenfield (USA), Civilization in the Danger Zone, Documentary Feature
Gregorio Davila (USA), UNIDAD: Gay & Lesbian Latinos Unidos, Documentary Short
Guy Letourneau, Fallen By Choice Productions Inc. (Canada), Boom, There Goes The Neighbourhood, Documentary Short
J Z Murdock (USA), Pvt. Ravel’s Bolero, Documentary Short
Jason Harney (USA), Wrist Lock: The Martial Arts’ Influence on Police Use of Force, Documentary Feature

Impact Documentary Festival

Jillian Li (USA), Finding Palemahan, Documentary Short (Student)
John R. Bowey (USA), My Otherland: Linden Jordan, Documentary Short
Joy Wu (USA), Mah Jongg Queen, Documentary Short (Student)
Justin MacGregor, Jamie Lane, Émilie Dumesny, Hugh Whelan, Ricardo Agostini, Emma Nickle, Barry Murphy, J. McBain, V. Keane, R. McKeon, M. Rios Sanchez, L. Vallely, J. Sang, K. Lin, B. Dederichs , F. Ramírez-Burgos, A. Boner-Scally and 44 more students at, Is There Anybody Out There? Young Voices From Inside a Pandemic, Direction
Ken Allen (Australia), Miyawaki Man, Documentary Short
Kimberly Toms, Roulez Media (USA), Escaping Fed, Documentary Feature
Lee Jessamine (Australia), Saving Wedge, Documentary Short (Student)
Loki Mulholland (USA), 544: A Civil Rights Story, Documentary Short
Marci Lynne Krown (USA), Making A Difference in Their Community; Dave’s Rock Garden, Documentary Short
Mary Hanlon (USA), The Mirrored Road, Documentary Feature
Matthew R Howe (USA), Lone Star Surf, Documentary Short (Student)
Matthew Solomon (USA), Reimagining Safety, Documentary Feature, Use of Film / Video for Social Change
Michael D. McNeely (Canada), Advocacy Club, Documentary Feature
Michael Tiranoff (USA), Portrait of a Weaver, Documentary Feature, Editing

Impact Documentary Festival

Nancy Paradis (USA), Back to the Heart, Documentary Feature, Viewer Impact: Motivational / Inspirational
Pamela Hoge and Christine Anderson (USA), Mighty Oak, Documentary Feature
Pankaja Brooke (United Kingdom), Escape Artist, Documentary Short
Paul Aidan Cooke (United Kingdom), Roebourne, Documentary Short
Paul Cooke (United Kingdom), We’re not making Gone with the Wind, Documentary Short
Ramon Castillanes Tenoso and Peter D Deocos (United Kingdom), KATAGMAN, Documentary Short
Richard Jordan (USA), The Pandemic, The Panther & The People, Documentary Feature
Robert Cameron (United Kingdom), Molecular Chirality: A Scientific Documentary, Documentary Short
Ron Elliott (Australia), Earthship Freo, Documentary Feature
Sarah Harvey (Canada), CHOMP, Documentary Short
Sasivimon Youkongkaew (Thailand), Tham Luang Rescue : Power of Unity, Documentary Feature
Searaya Alina Sinnette (USA), THE SEED, Documentary Short
Shihyun Wang (USA), No money, no credit, no problem, Contemporary Issues / Awareness Raising
Steven F. Dansky (USA), Attend Me: Dispatches from the Pandemic, Documentary Feature
Tamecca Rogers (USA), CROWN, Documentary Feature
Toneal M Jackson (USA), The Four I’s of the Black Man, Contemporary Issues / Awareness Raising
Yvonne Bauer (United Kingdom), Killed in Qatar, Documentary Feature

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