Awards of Recognition January 2021

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Impact documentary Film Festival

January 2021

Documentary Film festival

Anna Dalmay (Hungary), Chained Pen, Documentary Feature
Anthony Saldana (USA), Straight off The Canvas, Documentary Feature
Atalanti Dionysus (Australia), A Miscarriage Of Justice, Concept, Women Filmmakers
Charles & Mary Love (USA), Surviving Dystopia!, Documentary Short
Chow Wah Chan (Singapore), The Metta Story, Documentary Short
Chris Blackford (USA), All The Same, Documentary Short (Student)
Chris Kerin (USA), Foxxy & Coco, Documentary Feature
Craig Huckerby (Canada), WAS I NEXT?  THE SEAN CRIBBIN STORY, Documentary Feature, LGBT
Dan Pal (USA), Harriet & Her Husbands, Documentary Feature
David Wild (USA), Today Was A Good Day, Documentary Short
Derek Goulet (USA), Slick Willy, Documentary Short
Detlev F. Neufert (Germany), B.B. AND THE SCHOOL BY THE  RIVER, Documentary Feature, Asian
Devin Dugan (USA), ImprovCity: Population Incomedyated, Documentary Feature
Eaglestone Management, Family Matters (United Kingdom), Family Matters, Documentary Short
Emily Felder and Christa Whitney (USA), Ver Vet Blaybn? (Who Will Remain?),  Documentary Feature
Eric Gordon (USA), When All That’s Left is Love, Documentary Feature

Impact Documentary Festival

Erik Knopp (Czech Republic), Blood, Sweat and Tears, Documentary Feature
François Lunel (Bosnia and Herzegovina), ABOVE THE SKY, Documentary Feature
Jake Mason and Felix Wilding (United Kingdom), Dark Cloud, Documentary Short (Student), Native American / Aboriginal Peoples (Student)
Jaron Lanier (USA), Don’t Make Eye Contact, Documentary Short (Student)
Johnny Vonneumann (USA), An American In Europe, Creativity / Originality
Jonni Masella (USA), Pride Of DC: The Hyde Rugby Odyssey, Documentary Feature
Kari L Barber (USA), Rainshadow, Documentary Short
Leona Krahn (Canada), Vivi’s Vision, Documentary Feature
Lingyan Huang (New Zealand), Listen to See, Documentary Feature
Lori Mizzons and Lawrence Riggins (USA), JACKS MOM Autism Warrior Princess, Documentary Short (Student)
Louise-Marie Le Doussal (Canada), Everything is going to be alright, Documentary Feature
Mario Pascariello and Tommaso MiceliMalaguti (Italy), Miracle! Mother Nature has appeared to me, Documentary Short
Mark Rose (USA), Alaska Long Hunters, Nature / Environment / Wildlife
Massimiliano Battistella (Italy), PIERROT ON THE TRACKS, Documentary Short, Direction
Matthew White and Brian Gerlach (USA), Second Chance, Original Song (Second Chance co-written by Samantha Horowitz, Tara Notrica, Michael Guerriero and Robbie Rosen)

Impact Documentary Festival

Miriam Revesz (USA), Voices From the Invisible, Documentary Short (Student)
Nick Forsythe (USA), Part of Me, Documentary Short (Student)
Olivia Sokol (USA), The Pilgrims, Documentary Short (Student)
Pankaja Brooke (United Kingdom), Planting Trees in Tamil Nadu, Documentary Short
Patricia Nazario (USA), Backstreet to the American Dream, Title / Credit Design
Peter Scheiner and Susanne Scheiner (Switzerland), Forgiveness?, Documentary Feature, Religion / Ethics
Peter Wick (USA), Silk Finds What he’s Looking For, Documentary Feature
Philip Lewis and Linda Stout (USA), Women are the Change, Documentary Short, Use of Film / Video for Social Change
Rajele Jain (Portugal), Annapakta – One who can digest food. Yoga and Ayurveda – Science of Life, Documentary Feature
Robert Messinger (USA), LOCKDOWN: The Emotional Impact of COVID-19 and Quarantine, Documentary Feature, Health / Medicine / Science
Robert Millman (USA), Line in the Street –  A Case for Gerrymander Reform, Documentary Feature
Rodney Roldan (USA), Typography Through Time: Renaissance Era, Documentary Short
Sapir Rockach (Israel), ALMOST LIAM, Documentary Short (Student)
Shannon Anderson (USA), Stripper To Striver, Documentary Feature
Shein Mezour (Australia), A DILO, Documentary Feature

Impact Documentary Festival

Shirley Steinberg (Canada), Elders’ Room, Documentary Short
Shoun A. Hill and Waymon Hinson (USA), “I’m Just a Layman in Pursuit of Justice” Black Farmers Fight Against USDA, Documentary Feature
Sophia Haber Brock (USA), The Worst of Times…Best of Times Documentary, Documentary Short (Student)
Stanley Lin (USA), No Part Too Small, Documentary Short
Sunnie McFadden-Curtis, benchboy productions inc. (Canada), BROKEN VOWS: Stories of Separation, Documentary Feature, Viewer Impact: Content / Message Delivery, Women Filmmakers, African American
Tara Jasminaz (United Kingdom), Archangel Ali, Documentary Feature
Tea’a Taylor (USA), Blackout Tuesday, Documentary Short
Thomas Grand and Moussa Diop (Senegal), Golden fish, African fish, Documentary Feature
Tom Andre (Canada), Wild Fire, Documentary Short
Tracey Cochrane (Canada), dead.boy., Documentary Short, Use of Film / Video for Social Change
Tsuyoshi Kigawa (Japan), Yokosuka 1953 – Journey to her mother in memory, Documentary Feature
Ulrike Korbach (Germany), Shade Guzzling, Documentary Short, Cinematography
Ulrike Korbach (Germany), The pictures come at night, History / Biographical
Victor Dean (USA), MRS. TAYLOR’S SHOW AND TELL – A PRINCE STORY, Documentary Short, Animation


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