Awards of Recognition February 2024

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Impact documentary Film Festival

February 2024

Documentary Film festival

Ashley Hinojosa and Leon McConnell (USA), A Place for Them, Documentary Short
Bazif Ahmad Bala and Sidra Alani (USA), Migration & Medicine: Trauma-Informed Care for Refugee Populations, Documentary Short (Student)
Brianna Moua (USA), NYAB10K, Documentary Short (Student), Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Claude Hamel (Canada), Blue Bear Woman, Documentary Feature, Native Peoples
David DOC Alexander Jones and David Alexander Jones, Jr. (USA), Fathering Me: The Long Walk Home, Documentary Feature, Viewer Impact: Motivational / Inspirational
Dayna Altman, Thea Touchton, Sentin Music and Jason Taglieri, Sueñito Media (USA), Bake It Till You Make It, Documentary Feature, Contemporary Issues / Awareness Raising
Diana M. Devlin and Grace Zinnel (USA), American Nightmare/American Dream, Documentary Feature
Donna Marvin-Platt (USA), Missed Conceptions, Documentary Feature
Jian Liu (China), The Vanishing Kindergarten, Documentary Short (Student)
Karin Isabelle Ochsner (Australia), Surviving to Thriving, Documentary Feature, Disability Issues

Impact Documentary Festival

Karmen A. Smith (USA)
, The American Labyrinth, Contemporary Issues / Awareness Raising, Original Score (Composed by Damiyr)
Kofi Afriyie (USA), Happily Ever After: Life After Retirement|Ghana, Documentary Feature
Luca De Giorgi and Sergio Vespertino (Italy), Queen: Checkmate for the King, Viewer Impact: Content / Message Delivery
Machiel van den Heuvel (Netherlands), Noble Savage, Documentary Short
Mark Scheinbaum (USA), The Road to Graduate School; The Bachelor’s and Beyond, Documentary Feature (Student)
Mary Tuti Baker (USA), CLEAN WATER, COMMON GROUND, Contemporary Issues / Awareness Raising
Miki Holiday, Kal-El Billy Holiday, Kareem Dula Dixon, Troy L. Mitchell and Yolanda Nollie (USA), Direct & Reflect, Documentary Feature
Nasos Karamalegkos (Greece), Spinnerakos a.k.a. Panayiotis Grigoriou, Documentary Short (Student)
Olga Joanna Mazurkiewicz (USA), BUFFALO: City of Refuge, Contemporary Issues / Awareness Raising

Impact Documentary Festival

Poornima Ravi (India)
, GOD’S WIVES MEN’S SLAVES, Documentary Feature
Qi Chen (China), Love, and Dark Matter, Documentary Feature
Ron Smith (USA), Rhonda Thomas: Welcome to My Home, Documentary Feature
Ryan Jay Luskin (USA), The Sailing Movie, Documentary Feature, Original Score
Shihyun Wang and James Chen (Taiwan), Urban Soldiers in Taipei, Contemporary Issues / Awareness Raising
Simon Nathan Feldman (USA), Revival, Documentary Feature
Sinead McHugh Keirans (USA), Banned Book Club, Documentary Short
Smita Adhikary (USA), The Garden Angel, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Sue Schroeder and Adam Larsen (USA), home, Documentary Short
Tito Giliberto (Italy), The Antifascist Era, Documentary Feature
Tom Pelleg (Israel), Land of Freedom, Documentary Short (Student)
Tracy Willits (United Kingdom), PIP POP, Documentary Short, Use of Film / Video for Social Change


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