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July 2019

Impact Documentary Film Festival

Documentary Film festival

Abdel Lafi (United Arab Emirates), The state of us, Documentary Short
Albert Esteve (Spain), Open Water Rowers, Documentary Feature
Amel Tresnjic (Australia), The Reading Factory: A Life Changing Literacy Support Program, Documentary Short, Direction
Amirose Eisenbach (USA), EQUAL PLAYING FIELD, Documentary Feature
Blake Johnston and Kelso Steinhoff (Canada), Uncaged: A Stand-In Story, Documentary Short
Elliott Chu (USA), Dream of Fly, Documentary Short
Jim Jenner (USA), Saving The Burg, Documentary Feature
John Li (USA), Dancing on Black and White, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Karen Kramer (USA), Renegade Dreamers, Documentary Feature
Louise Marie Beauchamp (Canada), Anything for the ones we love, Documentary Short
Luigi Abanto Varese (Spain), In the dark room, Documentary Short
Mahesh Madhav (USA), How to Bend Concrete in 108 Easy Steps, Documentary Short
Marco Napoli, Andrea Mariani and Antonio Di Leonardo (Italy), Serendip, Documentary Feature
Nancy Cooperstein Charney (USA), Who’s Next?, Documentary Feature
Pilar Rodríguez Franco (Spain), Scientifilia, Documentary Short (Student)
Pru Colville and Jon Matthews (Australia), Lost and Found, Documentary Short
Richard Chisolm (USA), Gun Show, Documentary Short
Tom Shepard and Jen Gilomen (USA), UNSETTLED: Seeking Refuge in America, Cinematography
Veronika Kastlová (Czech Republic), Borderless Forests, Documentary Short

Impact Documentary Film FestivalAmel Tresnjic (Australia), Singfest: The Literacy of Music, Documentary Feature, Sound Editing / Sound Mixing, Editing, Direction
Aneel Ahmad (United Kingdom), Babli, Disability Issues
Angela Kupper (USA), Finding Your Fairytale, Documentary Feature
Bryan Downey (USA), NASHVILLE Long Island, Documentary Short
Carolien van Maaswaal (Netherlands), oneself, Documentary Short (Student)
Carolina Sosa (Uruguay), Trumphobia: what both sides fear, Documentary Feature
Ceng Chen (China), Artes Liberales, Documentary Short
Chloe Ellingson and Charles Atiki Lomodong (Canada), Voice, Choice, Change: The Lives of Midwives, Documentary Short
Craig Kind and Saulo Jamariqueli (USA), Daddy Finger, Documentary Short
Dan Charlebois (Canada), A Moving Journey, Documentary Short
David Stairs and Eric Limarenko (USA), Digging the Suez Canal With a Teaspoon, Documentary Feature
Ed Owles, Jaime Taylor, Jon McGoh and Isla Badenoch (United Kingdom), H is for Harry, Documentary Feature
Elena de Varda (Italy), ARTISTS ON STRIKE, Documentary Feature
Emily Harger (USA), OUTSPOKEN, Documentary Short
Gavin Hoffman (Ireland), The Nature of Ayahuasca, Documentary Feature

Impact Documentary Festival

Han Yan (USA), Yin Yu Tang – Regeneracy On The Other Side Of Earth, Documentary Short
Heidi Majander (Finland), Eyes Can Tell, Documentary Short
Jacob Vanderwerken (USA), Speech is More Than Speaking, Documentary Short
Janet Jarman (Mexico), Birth Wars, Documentary Feature
Jason Harney (USA), Repeat Offender, Documentary Feature and The Wounded Blue, Documentary Feature
Jeff Licence (Australia), The Saltwater Story, Documentary Feature
Jeffrey Wolf (USA), Bill Traylor: Chasing Ghosts, Documentary Feature
Joaquín Carmona Hidalgo (Spain), My life in your hands, Documentary Short
John Li (USA), Dancing on Black and White, Documentary Short (Student), Asian (Student), Disability Issues (Student)
Jon Sumple (USA), Extraordinary: The Seeding, Documentary Feature
Josh Davidsburg (USA), Queen of the Capital, Documentary Feature
Juliana Tafur (USA), LIST(e)N, Documentary Feature
Kareem Atallah (USA), Chaim, Documentary Short
Kevyn Settle (USA), Fruits of Peace, Documentary Feature
Lasse Lau (Denmark), The Raven and the Seagull, Documentary Feature
Malena Cunningham Anderson, Newslady Productions (USA), SEED: One Man’s Journey to Grow Food, People and Community, Documentary Feature

Impact Documentary Festival

Marc Hardman (United Kingdom), The Chewing Gum Man: A Portrait of the Artist Ben Wilson, Documentary Short
Mark Bochsler (Canada), SURVIVING BOKATOR, Documentary Feature
Michael Hook, Shannon Daughtry and Julie Willson (USA), Dear Doctor, Documentary Short
Mishal Mahmud (USA), Breach of Trust, Documentary Short (Student)
Monika Samtani (USA), Bee The Future, Documentary Short
Owen Cant (United Kingdom), Running Free, Documentary Short
Paul Emami (USA), Stay Alive Video, Documentary Feature
Paul Raimondi (USA), Hunger in the Desert, Documentary Short
Robin Greenspun (USA), THE ZEN SPEAKER: Breaking the Silence, Documentary Feature
Sara Markovic and Nikola Dragovic (Serbia), The Blacklisted, Documentary Feature
Shuyi Wang (USA), Awaken the Dragon Together, Documentary Short and Imagining Future Cities, Documentary Short
Silvia Malagrino (USA), Burnt Oranges, Documentary Feature
Susan Colleen Snell (USA), Amazing Racers, Documentary Short
Teresa Taylor (USA), Global Dance Heroes – Global Inspiration!, Documentary Short

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Impact Documentary Film Festival

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