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July 2018

Impact Documentary Film Festival

Aaron Johnson (USA), Hoan Alone: Personal Stories from the Bridge, Documentary Short
Alix Lambert (USA), Edge of Daybreak, Documentary Short
Andrew Wall (Canada), Suspended and the Art of Forgiveness, Documentary Feature
Barre Fong (USA), Finding the Virgo, Documentary Feature
Carlo Christian Spano (China), Shangri La, Documentary Short
David Barnhart (USA), To Breathe Free, Documentary Short
David W. Plath (USA), SO LONG ASLEEP, Waking the Ghosts of a War, Documentary Feature
Gillian Scott-Ward (USA), Back to Natural: A Documentary Film, Documentary Feature
Ian Reid (USA), No Boys Allowed: Freddie Linden’s Story, Documentary Short
Isaac Kerlow (Singapore), HAZE, It’s Complicated…, Documentary Feature
Jack Bushell, Alex Herz, Maddie O’Hara and Nicole Stock (USA), JÖRMUNDUR, Documentary Short (Student)
Lillian Glass (USA), Reinventing Rosalee, Documentary Feature
Maha Moussa, Mohammad Bin Rashid School of Communication (United Arab Emirates), SOULALA, Documentary Short
Marja Kurikka (Finland), The Scars in me, Documentary Feature
Robert Blaise (USA), Human Weeds, Contemporary Issues / Awareness Raising, Viewer Impact: Content / Message Delivery
Samuel Bathrick (USA), 16 Bars, Original Song (Inspire composed by Philip Ezeimo and Speech Thomas, lyrics by Teddy Kane)
Simon Walshe (Australia), Flow, Documentary Short
Tünde Tálas (Hungary), Daughter of the Revolution, Documentary Feature

Impact Documentary Film FestivalAbigail Hepner Gross and Sam Fishman (USA), Walking Through Fire, Documentary Short
Adam Dzienis (Poland/United Kingdom), Human Energy, Documentary Feature
Alan Chriest (USA), The Baby Project, Documentary Short
Aleksandr Rikhterman (USA), Khammouane Vertical, Documentary Short
Allison and Peter DeHart (USA), Bending Lines: The Sculpture of Robert Wiggs, Documentary Feature
Arielle Nóbile (USA), Belonging in the USA: Stories from Our Neighbors, Documentary Feature
Barbara Kopple (USA), A Murder In Mansfield, Documentary Feature
Bernardo Gramaxo (Portugal), Kalunga, Documentary Feature
Brett Wheat (USA), Heroes Dive, Documentary Short
Chris and Maurice Micallef, CMM Productions (Malta), Kannizzati Fishing, Documentary Short
Chuck Davis MD, MFA and Timothy Beatley PhD  (USA), Ocean Cities exploring our connection to the Sea, Documentary Feature
Dana Plays (USA), Wolfpack Squad, Documentary Short
Dillon Meyer (USA), Healing Ink, Documentary Short
Eva Lewis (USA), Undeterred, Documentary Feature
Filip Zaruba (Czech Republic), Bufo Alvarius – The Underground Secret, Documentary Feature
Fokke Baarssen (Netherlands), Visual Light, Documentary Short
Grant Faint (Canada), Skygods, Documentary Feature
James Gilmore (USA), Cracking Aces, Documentary Feature
Herbert Golder (USA), Ballad of a Righteous Merchant, Documentary Feature
Ian Reid (USA), An Injustice in Hartford: Racial Schooling Quotas, Documentary Short
James L. Brown and Bill Irving  (Australia), Watan, Documentary Feature
James Valvano (USA), The Purple Road, Documentary Feature
Jason Q. Lawrence (Canada)Promising Practices in Timiskaming First Nation, Original Song (Life Like It’s Beautiful composed by Jason Q. Lawrence)
Jennie Park (USA), Kim Abeles on Terra Firma, Documentary Short (Student)
Jim Conover (USA), Freight Train:  Slayer of Innocence, Documentary Feature
Jochen Isensee (Germany), higher than the earth, Documentary Short
Johannes Grenzfurthner (Austria), Glossary of Broken Dreams, Documentary Feature
John L. Potash (USA), Drugs as Weapons Against Us: The CIA War on Musicians and Activists, Documentary Feature

John Ward (USA), The Capitol of Nowhere, Documentary Feature
Kelly Sarri (USA), Tax Evasion: A Greek National Sport, Documentary Short (Student)
Kristin Holodak (USA), Young of the Year, Documentary Short
Lars Petter Gallefoss (Norway), Pray, Documentary Short
Liat Krawczyk and Anthony Mancilla (USA), Retracing Jeneba: The Story of a Witness, Documentary Feature
Lina Chaplin (Israel), Eighty and Counting, Documentary Feature
Maximiliane Nirschl, Claudia Diwold, Claudia Wahlmüller, Kerstin Glachs, Bianca Weber (Austria), La Famille – one afternoon for the whole life, Documentary Short (Student)
Mele Mason (USA), We Are Dreamers, Documentary Short
Merv Thomas (Canada), Promising Practices In Eskasoni First Nation, Documentary Short
Michael Hansen (USA), Irregular Borders, Documentary Short
Michael Hurcomb (Canada), The Radius Project, Documentary Feature
Nacho Sacaluga (Spain), The Night Of The World, Documentary Feature
Nujoom Alghanem (United Arab Emirates), Sharp Tools, Documentary Feature
Oliver Kyr (Canada), Citizen Animal, Documentary Feature
Pat McGee and Adam Linkenhelt (USA), American Relapse, Documentary Feature
Patrick Kemp (USA), Less Than, Documentary Feature
Patrick Mugosa (Canada), Restoration: A Refugees’ Story, Documentary Short
Peter Harvey-Wright, Blythe Massey and Peter Muizulis (USA), Conscious Light, Documentary Feature, Original Score, Viewer Impact: Content / Message Delivery, Viewer Impact: Motivational / Inspirational, Religion / Ethics
Phil D’Asaro (USA), Made in the Shade, Documentary Feature
R. Todd Stevens (USA), Crownsville Hospital: From Lunacy to Legacy, Documentary Feature
Rachel Lovrovich, Julia Grosvenor, Mackenzie Cooper, and Joshua Wiersma (USA), A World of Difference: El Paso, TX, Documentary Short (Student) and A World of Difference: Portland, OR, Documentary Short (Student)  and A World of Difference: Sedalia, MO, Documentary Short (Student) and A World of Difference: Richwood, WV , Documentary Short (Student)

Randy Stoudt (USA), Rare Breed, Documentary Feature
Reginald Groff (USA), Peace, Love and Zoo, Documentary Feature
Robert Blaise (USA), Human Weeds, Documentary Feature
Robert Fritz and Reint Bakema (USA), The Uganda Project, Documentary Feature
Robert Tutak (USA), Ellis Island: The Making of a Master Race in America, Documentary Feature
Rodolfo May (Brazil), The Rest Of Your Life, Documentary Short
Roy Tighe (USA), Never Be Done: The Richard Glen Lett Story, Documentary Feature
Ryan W. Vachon (USA), Word Impact, Documentary Short
Sarah Kerruish and Matt Maude (United Kingdom), General Magic, Documentary Feature, Women Filmmakers, Original Score (General Magic composed by Benji Merrison)
Saurav Vishnu (USA), Tailing Pond, Documentary Short
Sedika Mojadidi (USA), Facing the Dragon, Documentary Feature
Sergio García Locatelli (Peru), 9546 km., Documentary Short
Steve Williams (Australia), Urine Aid, Documentary Feature
Subarto Senno aka Subrata Sen (India), Kali, Documentary Feature
Sufian Abulohom (Yemen), Yemen: The Silent War, Documentary Short (Student)
Surendra Verma (India), Dara Shikoh: An Aphorism For Truth, Documentary Feature
Thomas Henderson (USA), Ice Eagles: American Aviation in Antarctica, Documentary Feature
Tommee May (USA), 6th Floor: Expanding Possibility, Documentary Short
Tristan Bell (United Kingdom), TITS, Documentary Feature
Tünde Tálas (Hungary), Daughter of the Revolution, Narration / Voice-Over Talent
Tyler A. Chase, A L’ORAGE Production (USA), Sweet Soul In Exile, Documentary Short
Wes Taimuty (USA), Iron Sails: A Tale of Two Ships, Documentary Short
Zahira Lala Salma (USA), 3000 Stories, Documentary Feature

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