Awards of Merit January 2023

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January 2023

Impact Documentary Film Festival

Documentary Film festival

Alberto Nacci (Italy), ARTIST’S VOICES, Cinematography
Ariel Levy (USA), The Brookwood Film, Documentary Feature
Ashley Zahorian (USA), The Preacher to the Popes: Raniero Cantalamessa, Documentary Feature, Original Score (Composed by James B. Gardner)
Brian Seifferlein and David Koehn (USA), We Will Not Be Silent, Documentary Feature
Chris Mugford (United Kingdom), Silencing History, Documentary Short, Religion / Ethics
Craig Norley (United Kingdom), Yr Wyddfa | Snowdon 24, Documentary Feature
Esther Takac (Australia), THE NARROW BRIDGE, Documentary Feature, Contemporary Issues / Awareness Raising
Frankie Kraft (USA), Help Her Live, Documentary Short
Jane Hammond (Australia), Black Cockatoo Crisis, Documentary Feature
Jonathan Knight (USA), Invented Before You Were Born, Documentary Feature
Patrick Guthrie (USA), RugbyTown, Documentary Short
Richard Yelland (USA), UNDIVIDED: Pandemic with A Purpose, Documentary Short
Rory Herbert, Red Cedar Films (United Kingdom), EVA, Documentary Feature
Ryan Marley (Canada), Candidato 34, Documentary Short
Tiziana Caminada (Switzerland), Hell in Paradise, Documentary Feature

Impact Documentary Film Festival

Aaron Hosé (USA), One Pint at a Time, Documentary Feature, Editing
Abby Marshall (Australia), Injustice, Documentary Short (Student)
Alberto Nacci (Italy), ARTIST’S VOICES, Documentary Feature
Andrea Sambuccetti (USA), The Water Wall, Documentary Short, Women Filmmakers
Angelo Loy and Martino Mazzonis (Italy), LOOSING GROUND, Documentary Feature
Bertuzzi Elena and Chatrefou Laure (France), A Debaa for the 14th of July, Documentary Feature, Creativity / Originality
Bo Zhang and Guopeng Zhai (China), HEAVY RAIN IN 96 SCENES, Documentary Short
Bruce Spiegel (USA), City of Steel, Documentary Feature
Chaoqi Zhang (China), Flying On Land, Documentary Short
Clenét Verdi-Rose and Champagne Verdi-Rose (USA), Radici, Documentary Feature
Core van der Hoeven (Netherlands), Blades, Documentary Short
David Tice (USA), Grid Down, Power Up, Documentary Feature
Derek Roberts (United Kingdom), I’m Jit and I’m an Alcohlic, Documentary Feature
Eme (Melissa) Eidson (USA), Slow Fashion, Contemporary Issues / Awareness Raising
Fred Grace (Nepal), The World Cup Whistleblower, Documentary Short
Gary Null, Ph.D. (USA), Science for Hire, Documentary Feature

Impact Documentary Festival

George Gittoes (Australia), No Bad Guys, Documentary Feature
German E. Velasco (USA), Tracking Ceci, Documentary Feature, Use of Film / Video for Social Change
Gregorio Davila (USA), L.A. A Queer History, Documentary Feature
Ingrid Kamerling (Netherlands), Blue Monday, Documentary Feature
Isabel Rivero-Vilá (USA), AFRYKAS and the Magic Box, Documentary Feature
Ivan Rodin (Russia), Happy, Documentary Short (Student), History / Biographical (Student)
Julia Blagny (Bolivia), Be Water – Andes to Amazonia, Documentary Feature
Justin MacGregor, Jamie Lane, Émilie Dumesny, Hugh Whelan, Ricardo Agostini, Emma Nickle, Barry Murphy, J. McBain, V. Keane, R. McKeon, M. Rios Sanchez, L. Vallely, J. Sang, K. Lin, B. Dederichs , F. Ramírez-Burgos, A. Boner-Scally and 44 more students at Trinity College Dublin (Ireland) , Is There Anybody Out There? Young Voices From Inside a Pandemic, Documentary Feature
Karin Schill (Sweden), Leprosy – A Forgotten Disease, Documentary Short
Kimberly Smith (Canada), Severe Brain Injury Recovery; Shooting For The Stars, Documentary Short, Disability Issues
Kostoula Tomadaki (Greece), Mother of the Station, Documentary Feature
Lance Hoovestal, Ph.D., Casey G. Williams and Ian S. Williams (USA), America Boxed In, Documentary Feature
Mark Thompson, K Thompson (USA), Memphis Proud: Voices of a Southern LGBTQ+ Community, Documentary Feature, LGBTQ+
Michael David Squier (USA), The Baja Bug Movie, Documentary Feature

Impact Documentary Festival

Nomi Sofer (USA), Voices of Reentry, Documentary Feature, Use of Film / Video for Social Change
Peter Shatalow (Canada), Bill Lishman – The Man Who Flew With The Birds, Documentary Feature
Quinn Early (USA), INTO THE LIONS DEN, Documentary Short
Raquel Gómez-Rosado (Spain), Exploiting Eden, Île-à-Vache, Documentary Feature, Women Filmmakers
Richard Allen (USA), St.Marks Place, Documentary Short
Robin Shepherd and Mattie Scariot (USA), Sue’s Story, Documentary Short
Roel Swierenga (Netherlands), 48.000 Names, Documentary Short
Sarah Myland (United Kingdom), Private View, Documentary Short
Sean Dobra (Australia), These Two Hands – The Story of Bowen therapy, Documentary Feature
Sharon Kelly Baker and Pascal Dieckmann (USA), UNITED WE ARE DREAMING, Documentary Feature
Shawn Malangyaon (USA), Tri-Hard: A Documentary Short Film, Documentary Short (Student)
Tom Dwyer and Lisa Palattella (USA), Frank Bey: All My Dues Are Paid, Documentary Feature
Zoe Coldham (United Kingdom), Journey to the West, Documentary Feature


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