Awards of Merit January 2020

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January 2020

Impact Documentary Film Festival

Documentary Film festival

Bill Wisneski (USA), The Roads Most Traveled, Documentary Short
Christophe Chagnard and Charlie Spears (USA), Terra Nostra (“Our Earth”), Documentary Short
Dana Richie (USA), GATEWAY, Documentary Short
Delaney Ruston, MD (USA), Screenagers NEXT CHAPTER: Uncovering Skills for Stress Resilience, Documentary Feature
Dorothy Leiper (United Kingdom), The Living Thames, Documentary Feature
Dounia Benjelloun Mezian (Morocco), KIANA’S APACHE CEREMONY, Documentary Feature
Ed Moore, Detroit Public Television Foundation (USA), PFAS in Ann Arbor, Documentary Short
Elena Demidova (Russia), THE MYSTERY OF A BURYAT LAMA, Documentary Feature
Gerald Schank and Slavica Martinovic (Germany), One World – The Ocean of Presence, Documentary Feature
Jim Huggins, New Shepherd Films (USA), Forgotten Heroes – The Robert Hartsock Story, Documentary Feature, History / Biographical, Direction, Dramatic Impact, Viewer Impact: Content / Message Delivery
João Vasco (Portugal), 111 671 Ballad for a Piano, Documentary Feature
John Beder (USA), Palliative, Documentary Short
Kelly Galindo (USA), 26 Seconds, Documentary Short
Kevin Eastwood and Lucas Frison (Canada), Humboldt: The New Season, Documentary Feature
Laurence Brahm (Bhutan), Return of the Lotus-Born Master: Decrypting the Dakini Code, Documentary Feature
Marion Cunningham and Kent Bassett (USA), This Might Hurt, Documentary Feature
Meg Pinsonneault (USA), Gwapa, Documentary Feature
Mike Sakas (Hong Kong), The Loop, Documentary Short, Nature / Environment / Wildlife, Use of Film / Video for Social Change
Negar Mojtahedi (Canada), My dream goes all the way to Iran, Documentary Short
Samuel George (USA), Swing State Florida: Liberty City, Documentary Feature

Impact Documentary Film FestivalAkira Chan (USA), Igniting Impact, Documentary Short
Andrea Natale (Italy), Albakia Art Story, Documentary Short
April Anderson, Art As Air Project (USA), Tails of Iceland, Documentary Feature
Barbara Copithorne, Aquarius Video (USA), Toe the Line: Arts Education for Life, Documentary Feature
Beatriz Mediavilla (Canada), According to Movement (A story in 10 chapters), Documentary Feature
Ben Akers (United Kingdom), Steve – Saving Men from Suicide., Documentary Feature
Benjamin Pollack (USA), Out Of Malibu, Documentary Short
Bob Williams (USA), LifeSaver: The SLO Noor Foundation Story, Documentary Feature
Brad Leitch, Patricia Makokis and Scott MacDougall (Canada), TREATY WALK – A Journey for Common Ground, Documentary Short
Brianna Tutt (USA), Heroes Wear Leos, Documentary Short
Christopher Martini (USA), The Tree of Art, Documentary Feature
Corinne Chateau (USA), Safer in Silence, Documentary Feature
Daniel Clarke (Australia), Australia’s Hidden Shame: The Truth about Roos, Documentary Short
Darby Duffin and Adam Jones (USA), FISH & MEN, Documentary Feature
Dave Tourjé and Christopher Sibley (USA), John Van Hamersveld CRAZY WORLD AIN’T IT, Documentary Short
Dr. Cheryl Levitt and Dr. Barbara Lent (Canada), THE GENDER LADY: THE FABULOUS DR. MAY COHEN, Documentary Feature
Ed Moore, Detroit Public Television Foundation (USA), PFAS in Ann Arbor, Health / Medicine / Science
Ed Moore, Detroit Public Television Foundation (USA), The Forever Chemicals, Documentary Short, Contemporary Issues / Awareness Raising
Ed Moore, Detroit Public Television Foundation (USA), Asian Carp and the Great Lakes, Documentary Short, Nature / Environment / Wildlife
Ed Moore, Detroit Public Television Foundation (USA), You’ve Got Mail, Documentary Short
Eirini Alligiannis (Australia), Louie (KR.ONE) Gasparro 5POINTZ, Documentary Short
Elaine Minionis (USA), Uncanny: The Dolls of Mariana Monteagudo, Documentary Short

Impact Documentary Festival

Elpida Nikou and Rodrigo Hernandez (Mexico), Cherán: A Burning Hope, Documentary Short
Emma Watts and Ashleigh Hamilton (USA), UnMasked: We All Breathe, Documentary Short
Gage Johnston (USA), Lucy has Worms, Documentary Feature
Hans Andreas Guttner (Austria), DIE BURG, Documentary Feature
Ines ten Berge (Netherlands), Do you have kids?, Documentary Feature, Health and Medicine, Religion / Ethics, Dramatic Impact
Jack Polefko (USA), The Other Side of Fear, Documentary Short (Student)
Jacob Patrick (USA), La Plume & Le Papier, Documentary Short
James Anthony McElligott (Canada), Healing: Behind the Paint, Documentary Short
James Anthony McElligott (Canada), Ice hockey Orphans, Documentary Short
Jaswant Kaur, Punjab Documentation and Advocacy Project (PDAP) (India), Punjab Disappeared: Claiming The Unclaimed., Documentary Feature
Jérémy Billon and Benjamin Vallet (France), Morabeza, the strength of movement, Documentary Feature
Jim Baillies, Mount Royal University (Canada), Peace in the Parks, Documentary Short
Joe Matthews (USA), From The Land of In-Between, Documentary Feature (Student)
Joe Pomeroy and Rich Simmons (United Kingdom), Art Is The Cure, Documentary Short
Jonathan Long (Canada), Rise – Voice of a New Generation, Documentary feature
Joseph V. Brown (USA), Operation Wolf Patrol: Poacher’s Kingdom, Documentary Short
Karen Paulk (USA), They Soon Forgot Their Words, Documentary Short (Student)
Karina Sturm (USA), We Are Visible, Documentary Feature (Student), Disability Issues (Student), Health / Medicine / Science (Student), Original Score (Composed by Markus-Frederik Bohn)
Kees Schaap and Mark Schaap (Netherlands), When are you coming back?, Documentary Feature
Lisa Camillo (Australia), Balentes – The Brave Ones, Documentary Feature, Women Filmmakers, Research
Lubomir Dankov (Bulgaria), The Donbass children, Documentary Feature
Marissa Chibas (USA), Finding Shelter, Documentary Short
Michael Neal, Gage Dansby and Corked Media/Adrian College (USA), Without Wax: A Story of True Evil, Documentary Feature
Michele Noble (USA), Reclamation: The Rise at Standing Rock, Documentary Short
Michi Marosszeky (Australia), The Amazing Gift of Education, Documentary Short

Impact Documentary Festival

Niklas Goslar (Germany), Mother of Tibetans, Documentary Feature, Use of Film / Video for Social Change, Viewer Impact: Content / Message Delivery
Noah Berlow (USA), What If…, Documentary Short
Patrick Baucelin (Martinique), Long ago in the Caribbean, Documentary Feature
Paul G. Roberts (Australia), AFTER THE LOCKOUTS II – GLADYS’ WAR ON MUSIC, Documentary Feature
Pyeongsoon Choi (Korea), Anthropocene : Finding the evidence, Documentary Feature
Ralph Hammann (USA), Richard Wilbur — Keeping the Difficult Balance, Documentary Feature
Ray Day (USA), Truth Be Told: Irving Norman and the Human Predicament, Documentary Feature
Ricardo Preve (Argentina), Coming Home, Documentary Feature
Ricardo Preve (Argentina), The Patagonian Bones, Documentary Feature
Richard Anderson (USA), What About Auburn?, Documentary Feature
Rob Loos (USA), Salt and Light – The Miracle in Hollywood, Documentary Feature
Seannie Cameras (USA), Moving On West, Documentary Short
Seth Dahl (USA), The Long River Home, Documentary Short
Spencer Thornton (USA), Celebrity Entrepreneur, Documentary Feature
Steve Conry (USA), Beyond The Trees: Delores, Documentary Short
Students of The 2019 Institute for Documentary Filmmaking (USA), All The Rage, Documentary Short (Student)
Tal Koushner (Israel), Bird’s flight, Documentary Feature (Student)
Thomas Keith (USA), Bullied, Documentary Feature
Thomas Phillips (USA), UNCLAIMED REMAINS “Forgotten”, Documentary Short, Cinematography, Viewer Impact: Content / Message Delivery
Tom Seymour (USA), VHS Massacre Too, Documentary Feature
Tony Villani (USA), A TICKET TO HOLLYWOOD: Europeans in Los Angeles, 1925-56. Part One, PROLOGUE, Documentary Short
Zhang Meng Zhou (Noah Zhang) (China), One in a million, Documentary Feature

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