Awards of Merit February 2024

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February 2024

Impact Documentary Film Festival

Documentary Film festival

Alec Goldberg and Boson Wang (USA), Sitting in the Fire, Documentary Feature
Amandine Schejbal (France), EXPÉDITION SARAWAK 93, Documentary Short (Student)
Blake Wilson (USA), Oporajeo, Documentary Short
Brišind (USA), Almost Ancestors, Documentary Short, Native Peoples
Cob Carlson (USA), The Greatest Radio Station in the World, Documentary Feature
Derek Shimoda (USA), The Gardener, Documentary Feature
Iara Lee (USA), UNITE FOR BISSAU (Nô Kumpu Guiné): Agroecology and Feminism in Guinea Bissau, Documentary Short
Jason Harney (USA), Is There Something Going On At Home?, Documentary Feature
Jeffrey Himpele (USA), Shame On You!, Contemporary Issues / Awareness Raising
Josh “Bones” Murphy (USA), Our Waters, Documentary Short
Luis Solarat (United Kingdom), We Will Not Be Silenced, Documentary Feature
Mariia Springis (United Kingdom), Why Us?, Contemporary Issues / Awareness Raising
Marjella Lecourt-Alma (Netherlands), The New Heroes of Sustainable Business, Documentary Short

Impact Documentary Festival
Michael Rios and James Fierro (USA), Roaming History: Civil Rights Trail, Documentary Short
Ohana One (USA), The 10,000 Mile Bridge, Documentary Short
Richard N. Anderson (USA), HomeBrood, Documentary Feature
Rob Finch (USA), Gardening in a War Zone, Documentary Short, Viewer Impact: Motivational / Inspirational
Roy Medawar (USA), The Race of Our Lives, Documentary Feature
Sean Fleck (USA), Hong Kong – Final Days of Freedom, Documentary Feature
Steve Jarvis and Kate Fosselman (USA), 928 The Threat Continues…, Documentary Feature
Tito Giliberto (Italy), The Antifascist Era, History / Biographical
Tom Opre (USA), The Last Keeper, Documentary Feature
Tracy Kiryango (United Kingdom), Our Place Is Here, Documentary Feature
Wo Baza (USA), The Other Side of Learning: A Deeper Conversation About Education in the US, Documentary Feature, Use of Film / Video for Social Change, Viewer Impact: Content / Message Delivery

Impact Documentary Film Festival

Andrew Montiveo (USA), Mechanical Theology, Documentary Short
Andria Litto (USA), My Father Moves Mountains, Documentary Feature, Women Filmmakers
Austin Faust (USA), El Canto del Quetzal, Documentary Short, Contemporary Issues / Awareness Raising
Barbara Langsam Shuman (USA), Mr. Z:  What Happens Early in Life Lasts a Lifetime, Documentary Short, Women Filmmakers, Viewer Impact: Motivational / Inspirational
Benjamin I. Goldhagen (Ukraine), To The Zero Line, Documentary Feature
Benjamin Knight (Germany), We’re All Going To Die, Documentary Feature
Bidit Roy and Makarand Waikar (India), My Radio My Life, Documentary Feature
Catalina Villar (Colombia), ANA ROSA, Documentary Feature, Women Filmmakers
Clark Harris and Brett Jaffee Jr. (USA), McJAFF: Golf’s Unknown Major, Documentary Short
Claudia Takeko Katayanagi (USA), Community in Conflict: The Santa Fe Internment Camp Marker, Documentary Feature, Women Filmmakers
Dave Meagher (Australia), Reading Landscape with David Holmgren, Documentary Feature
Erik Fransman (Netherlands), The Spectacular Absence Of God, Documentary Feature
Gina Margillo (USA), Overtown’s Living Legacy, Documentary Short
Gwendolyn G. Cassady (USA), If It Could Happen to Me, It Could Happen to You, Documentary Feature

Impact Documentary Festival

Hady Zaccak (Lebanon), Cilama, Documentary Feature
Heqian Tan (China), Dalinor Lake, Documentary Feature, Asian, Cinematography, Nature / Environment / Wildlife
Jackson, Agile Arts (Australia), Acquired, Invisible, Documentary Short, Disability Issues
Jang Dong ju Dong ju Jang (Korea), HEYOKA, Documentary Feature
Jeanne Meyers (USA), Eva Haller: A Work in Progress, Documentary Feature
Jeffrey Himpele (USA), Shame On You!, Documentary Short
Judy Mary Jackson (Canada), Where Can We Live In Peace?, Documentary Feature
Kalyn Edworthy (Canada), The Root of it All, Documentary Short
Karen Sotolongo Menendez (USA), GLOVES WITHOUT RING, Documentary Short (Student)
Katherine McRae (New Zealand), Pacific Mother, Documentary Feature
KC Schulberg (USA), THE URGENCY OF NOW, Documentary Short
Manon Remandeau (France), À TOUJOURS, Documentary Short (Student)
Marcia Volk (USA), DREAM BOLDLY  The Grand AdvenChair, Documentary Feature
Mariia Springis (United Kingdom), Why Us?, Documentary Feature

Impact Documentary Festival

Millena Gay (USA), Golden Hearted, Documentary Feature
Nate Harrison (USA), Pour le Peuple, Documentary Feature
Rodrigo Occelli (Mexico), I Was Murdered 3 Times, Documentary Feature
Roland Gaedtgens (Netherlands), Benjamin Feliksdal, The Life Story of a Dutch Dance Master, Documentary Feature
Rudi Gohl and Hakima Alem (USA), What Happened to Jackson Avenue: A Story of Urban Renewal, Documentary Feature
Sam Tengani, Leigh Pohl and Alberic Vollmer (South Africa), Ukuwela: The Crossing, Documentary Feature
Sonia Fritz (Puerto Rico), Voces de pasión/Voices of Passion, Documentary Feature
Sue Schroeder and Adam Larsen (USA), home, Creativity / Originality
Tom Pelleg (Israel), Land of Freedom, Editing (Student)
Trevor Hill (USA), Above The Ring: The Chris Byrd Story, Documentary Feature
Xiaoxin Hong (China), She is Still Waiting For an Apology, Documentary Short
Yuri Omar Shariff Williams, Rodney Smith Jr. and Nathan Cribari (USA), Hope For The Holidays, Documentary Feature
Zack Russell (Canada), Someone Lives Here, Documentary Feature

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