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Impact DOCS Documentary Film Festival

Kurt Norton – The Broken Promise

Impact DOCS Awards Documentary Competition Film Festival

Kurt Norton (USA), The Broken Promise, Doc Feature – An unflinching look at genocide, how it takes root in societies and the chilling ways that it is unfolding today in the world around us. Tightly crafted and expertly scripted The Broken Promise asks: Why does genocide keep happening? What makes people dehumanize one another? And how do the things we buy enable it? It also highlights poignant insights from genocide survivors, scholars and human rights activist with the clear message that from the Armenia Genocide to Darfur to China to Ukraine the message is painfully clear: genocide is not a once-in-a-generation event humanity can witness, wring our collective hands over, and consign to the history books. It is a tool authoritarians wield all too easily – and big business is complicit in its use. The Broken Promise takes a hard look at humanity’s worst moments and the ways consumerism is complicit in allowing them to happen and how to ensure that “never again” can be right now. A critical doc for our times. Gravitas Docufilms.

Impact Docs Documentary Film Festival

Philippe Blanc – The Whaler

Impact DOCS Awards Documentary Competition Film Festival

Philippe Blanc (Switzerland), The Whaler, Doc Feature – Swiss Press and Prixltalia Award winning journalist RSI’s Philippe Blanc – uses exceptional journalistic integrity to expose the horrors of an illegal whaling trade. Working with conservation heroes on the Sea Shepherd ship – he uncovers Iceland’s slaughter of 160 Fin whales in 2022 – a practice banned by the IWC (International Whaling Commission) as they are an endangered species. Not only illegal – but brutally and horribly inhumane. Tightly crafted, excellent editing and exceptional research support the work of a crew from Swiss television – who intercepted Icelandic whaling ships and documented the cruel methods of this hunting. An investigation that exposes violations of international regulations, ghost ships and the code of silence behind a business exclusively aimed at Japan. The problematic nature of the controls is confirmed in an exclusive interview with the president of the IWC, who is also an official of the Federal Veterinary Office in Bern. A  production of Radio Televisione Svizzera (RSI)

Impact Docs Documentary Film Festival

Laura Casey & Spencer Parker – Untreated & Unheard: The Addiction Crisis in America

Impact DOCS Awards Documentary Competition Film Festival

Laura Casey and Spencer Parker (USA), Untreated & Unheard: The Addiction Crisis in America, Documentary Feature. A collaboration between Paramount Studio and Partnership to End Addiction – this doc provides an unflinching look at the epidemic of addiction in American culture and the systematic failures to adequately address it. Through personal stories – this deftly directed and impactful doc reveals the horrors of a broken structure. Substance use disorder kills more people every year than any other disease and yet only 1 in 10 people who need treatment get access to it. These are unheard stories of the addiction crisis from families whose lives have been forever changed by addiction and the experts dedicated to changing the outcome for those suffering from this fatal disease. It follows families on the front line of America’s greatest public health crisis sharing their loss, frustration, and hope for how we can do better. Horizon Media. Airs on Amazon, Peacock, Rocu.

Impact DOCS Awards Documentary Competition Film FestivalPam Miller, FOX Sports (USA), Paula Murphy: Undaunted, Doc Short – Eight-time Emmy winner Miller’s deft direction delivers the story of Paula Murphy – a housewife and mother who blew away limits and expectations in her phenomenal racing career. Entertaining, immersive, exceptionally crafted in every way. Insightful stories from from 95-year old Paula herself. Hosted by Fox Sports Jenny Taft. Aired Fox Sports.

Impact DOCS Awards Documentary Competition Film FestivalAlison Bartlett (USA), Zen Brownie, Doc Short – Emmy-nominee Bartless, with narration from Oscar-winner Jeff Bridges, the tale of Buddhist Monks, Greyston Bakery and how inclusivity, kindness and compassion created a profitable business. With Professor Michael Pirson, explores Humanistic Model Management and Open Hiring. Colorful commentary from Ben & Jerry. Tightly crafted, inspiring, entertaining.

Impact DOCS Awards Documentary Competition Film FestivalMike Hill (Australia), Live the Life You Please, Doc Feature – A powerful doc about the end of life and shaping our present-day choices. With exceptionally crafted and inspiring stories, award winning Hill makes the case for the power of care choices – from urban hospitals to indigenous in-country settings. An emotional journey through the lives of a diverse range of people in their last chapter. A potent and inspirational doc.

Impact DOCS Awards Documentary Competition Film FestivalJennifer Greenstreet (USA), Just Like You – Anxiety + Depression, Doc Feature – Midwest Emmy-winner Greenstreet’s insightful and enlightening doc showcases the struggles of 10 brave kids with anxiety and depression to highlight the fear and stigma plaguing the mental health community. Emotional stories, approachable graphics and trendy soundtrack – appeals to all age levels. From Just Like You Films.

Impact DOCS Awards Documentary Competition Film FestivalChristopher Stoudt (USA), The Orchestra Chuck Built, Doc Short – L.A. Emmy-nominee Stoudt presents the story of the tireless work of Chuck Dickerson and the Inner City Youth Orchestra of Los Angeles. Through the largest majority Black orchestra in the USA, he is fostering life-changing opportunities for his community. A heart-warming portrait of a tireless mentor and a testament to the transformative power of music.

Impact DOCS Awards Documentary Competition Film FestivalStephan John Wellink (Australia), Pushing the Boundaries: The Mavis Bramston Show, Doc Feature – a lively, thought-provoking and entertaining doc about groundbreaking 60’s TV -The Mavis Bramston Show. Carried by a lively soundtrack and creative on-point graphics – it explores how the show pushed the boundaries of a rapidly changing Australian society and set the scene for generations of satirical programs.

Impact DOCS Awards Documentary Competition Film FestivalFiona Cochrane (Australia), PATOU: In Black & White, Doc Short – The colorful story of Jamaican singer Pat Powell (Patou). Cochrane weaves heart-breaking and heart-warming stories of his 40-year global career with intimate interviews from his friends and family. A thoroughly engaging and well-crafted doc – expertly blending his real-life experiences of career highs and lows, family, self-identity and racism. F-reel Productions.

Impact DOCS Awards Documentary Competition Film FestivalLuke Bradford, Korn Ferry (United Kingdom), Grace, Disability Issues – An expertly crated and tightly presented doc – tells the tale of “radical acceptance” through the story of medical student Grace Spence Green – as she creates a new life following a tragic accident that took her ability to walk. Beautiful production design, saturated colors, creative cinematography and well crafted, tight story-telling. Korn Ferry / Frogspawn Film.

Adam Fischer (USA), Powering Puerto Rico, Documentary Feature
Aleš Urbanczik, Grzegorz Oleksa (Switzerland), Finding the Line – An Exploration of Structural Integration, Documentary Feature
Amine Harboul (South Africa), Zambezia: A Well for Change, Documentary Short (Student), Cinematography (Student)
Breanna McCabe (USA), Higgins Ridge, Documentary Feature
Dan Watt (USA), EVERYBODY DANCE, Documentary Feature
Daniel Clarke (Australia), Lost in the Woods, Documentary Feature, Research
Dave Garcia (USA), Led by Compassion, Documentary Short, Contemporary Issues / Awareness Raising
Dave Garcia (USA), BENNY: Our Musical Lineage, Documentary Short, Latin / Hispanic
David Naglieri (USA), In Solidarity with Ukraine, Documentary Feature
Fiona Cochrane (Australia), PATOU: In Black & White, Direction, Women Filmmakers
Goran Zaneti and Matthieu Brajot (USA), Developing Our Future, Documentary Short

Impact Documentary Festival

Jaime Gutierrez (USA), The Asylum, Documentary Feature
Jay Coggeshall and Susan Henoch (USA), The Life You’re Given, Documentary Feature
John Parr (United Kingdom), Unconquered, Documentary Short, Disability Issues
Jue Wang (China), Unhusk, Documentary Feature
Kurt Norton (USA), The Broken Promise, Contemporary Issues / Awareness Raising, Editing
Luke Bradford (United Kingdom), Grace, Direction, Editing
Maya Anandan (India), SEVA, Documentary Short
Micah Levin (USA), Dear Ani, Documentary Short
Michael Brant DeMaria and Chris Jadallah (USA), We Are Nature, Documentary Short, Viewer Impact: Motivational / Inspirational
Molly Hermann and Rob Lyall (USA), One Pill Can Kill, Documentary Short
Pam Miller (USA), Hope Rewarded: The Unlikely Return of North Wilkesboro Speedway, Documentary Feature

Impact Documentary Festival

Pam Miller, FOX Sports (USA), Paula Murphy: Undaunted, Women Filmmakers, On-Camera Talent (Jenny Taft)
Philippe Blanc (Switzerland), The Whaler, Nature / Environment / Wildlife
Phillip Large, Fred Bell, Joe Mantegna, Dan Ramm, Dick Shalhoub, Frank Jones (USA), Women in Aviation, Palm Springs Air Museum, Documentary Feature
Rafael Pease (USA), Tupungato: Empathy in Death, Documentary Feature
Riccardo Bagnato Bulgarelli (RSI) (Switzerland), The Consulting Virus, Documentary Feature
Ron James (USA), Accidental Truth – UFO Revelations, Documentary Feature
Safiya Songhai (USA), Interception: Jayne Kennedy • American Sportscaster, Documentary Short
Sierra Productions (USA), TRANSFORMATION, Documentary Feature
Tim Searfoss (USA), One Second at a Time: Battling the Monster of Addiction, Documentary Feature
Vesna Marich (United Kingdom), The Woman Who Stops the Wind, Documentary Short

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