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Impact DOCS Documentary Film Festival

Jim Allison: BreakthroughBill Haney

Impact DOCS awards Documentary Film Festival

Bill Haney (USA), Jim Allison: Breakthrough, Doc Feature – Narrated by Oscar-nominee and Emmy-winner Woody Harrelson – it tells the story of the passionate, colorful and completely lovable immunologist Jim Allison from his childhood in foster support after his mother’s death from cancer – to his groundbreaking achievements in cancer research including earning the Nobel Prize. His astonishing accomplishments are hailed across the globe. He is known for his tell-it-like-it-is honesty, his persistence and his fight against the scientific establishment and big pharma to bring his life-saving therapy to cancer patients. Deftly directed by filmmaker, entrepreneur and tech innovator Haney – the film brilliantly celebrates the imagination and resilience of great scientists on their quest to push the frontiers of knowledge. Whether Jim is doggedly pursuing his scientific goals or shredding the harmonica with Willie Nelson – this doc fully expresses the triumphs of the human spirit expertly told through this unlikely hero. In this time of global health challenges that know no boundaries of race or religion, the urgent necessity of inventing novel life-saving drugs makes Jim’s story especially powerful. Smart cinematography, a lively soundtrack, tight editing by BAFTA nominee Peter Rhodes, excellent sound design by Emmy-nominee Greg McCleary. Made with partner Tim Disney under their Uncommon Productions banner.

Impact Docs Documentary Film Festival

Race for the Vaccine – Catherine Gale & Caleb Hellerman

Impact DOCS Awards Documentary Film Festival

Catherine Gale and Caleb Hellerman (USA), Race for the Vaccine, Doc Feature – Narrated by multiple Emmy-winner physician/reporter Sanjay Gupta, Emmy-nominee Hellerman and award-winning scientist / filmmaker Gale deliver a compelling story of science, industry, innovation, passion and the welfare of the entire planet. As news of the coronavirus broke around the globe, a small group of scientists jumped into action to tackle one of the greatest medical challenges of our time: to create a vaccine against a virus no one had ever seen before, and to do so in record time, during a deadly, global pandemic.  Exceptionally researched and written – filming over 12 months on five continents – it shows the humanity, triumphs and setbacks of these diverse, international cast of scientists and physicians. Fast-paced, informative and captivating. Wingspan Productions, HHMI Tangled Bank Studios. Aired CNN & BBC.

Darren Conway (UK), Syria’s Schools Under Attack, Doc Feature – Emmy-winner / BAFTA-nominee Conway’s gut-wrenching account of an incendiary bomb dropped on a Syrian school. Some students were killed, others died of horrific injuries later. Scenes of the hospital carnage, interviews with survivors years on uncovers these are a few of the 25,000 kids killed. Poignant, well-crafted with achingly authentic interviews.

Impact DOCS Awards Documentary Film FestivalKacey Cox (Canada), Finding Manny, Doc Feature – 70 years after jumping from a Nazi death train—Manny Drukier returns to Poland and Germany to face his past and heal the wounds he has never shared. Contacted by a volunteer from the Indersdorf Orphanage where he went after the war– he revisits his darkest memories in an attempt to teach children “never again. Deftly directed, a poignant tale for our times.

Impact DOCS Awards Documentary Film FestivalKaren Pearlman (Australia), I Want to Make a Film about Women, Doc Short – Highly creative and deftly directed – a queer, speculative, love letter to Russian constructivist women. A kitchen turns into a workshop, a stage set, a film, while juggling noisy men and history. Skillful mix of animation, graphics, dance, documentary, drama and narration. Soundtrack by AACTA nominee Caitlin Yeo. Stars Victoria Haralabidou.

Impact DOCS Awards Documentary Film FestivalRona Segal (Israel), Mission: Hebron, Doc Short – A bold series of interviews mixed with cell phone and archival footage reveal a chilling reality in Hebron. Six ex-soldiers tell the brutal truth of their time on patrol there, arresting adults and children for no reason, harassing the populous and the harsh orders of their superiors. An unflinching and chilling portrait skillfully presented. Executive Producer Oscar-nominee Kobi Mizrahi.

Impact DOCS Awards Documentary Film FestivalPeter Goetz (USA), Sounding the Alarm ~ America’s Climate Crisis – Humanizing the climate crisis through a compelling look at the personal impact on everyday Americans whose lives and livelihood are threatened. These families are in the trenches sacrificing everything while facing depression, PTSD, and suicide—collateral damage of a crisis unchecked. Goetz dives deeper to find their resilience, perseverance, and ingenuity.

Impact DOCS Awards Documentary Film FestivalAndrew Paterson (Singapore), Disease Hunters: The Viral Menace, Doc Feature – Beyond the Covid-19 pandemic, hard-working scientists track emerging pathogens and viruses at the source. Brutal scenes of the wildlife trade and the inhumanity at the core of many of these diseases. Tightly crafted and impactful. A production of the Channel NewsAsia documentary unit shot in five countries.

Impact Docs Awards Documentary Film FestivalMike Hill, Moonshine Agency (Australia), Conquering Cancer, Doc Feature – Emmy-winner Hill delivers an in-depth look at cervical cancer rates around the glove and the solutions that are providing hope for many. Through expert interviews with health care workers and the WHO -along with poignant narratives from patients – a hope for a cervical-cancer free world is offered.  With engaging host Sue Collins.

Impact DOCS Awards Documentary Film FestivalHilco Jansma (Netherlands), The Otter, A Legend Returns, Doc Feature – The otter had completely disappeared from The Netherlands due to hunting, loss of habitat, pollution and traffic collisions. But the Dutch set the example by investing in their water quality and painstakingly restoring the otters’ habitat. Charming and informative with excellent wildlife footage and sound design. Aired NPO 1 Netherlands.

Impact DOCS Awards Documentary Film Festival

Daniel Gartzke (USA), Tethered, Are We the Experiment?, Doc Feature – With more technological connections than ever – why are depression, loneliness and mental illness on the rise? Tethered examines digital integration issues including the effects on our brains, the impacts to our children and changes to society as a whole. Excellent scripting and focused interviews. Conscious Content Collective.

Impact DOCS Awards Documentary Film FestivalYaniv Segalovich and Asaf Greenbaum, Go2Films (Israel), Perfect, Doc Feature – A TV Pro paralyzed on his left side – embarks on a journey to accept his disability through hearing the stories of other adults with disabilities. A rare glimpse into their lives as they share with raw honesty, potent insights and plenty of humor. Well-crafted and poignant, it skillfully challenges viewers to a new way of thinking and seeing others.

AJ Martinson (USA), The End of Blindness, Documentary Feature, Health / Medicine / Science
Alana DeJoseph (USA), A Towering Task: The Story of the Peace Corps, Documentary Feature, History / Biographical
Andrea Kalin, Spark Media (USA), Scattering CJ, Documentary Feature, Women Filmmakers, Contemporary Issues / Awareness Raising
Andrew Suzuki (New Zealand), Ollie versus The Beehive, Documentary Feature
Bill Haney (USA), Jim Allison: Breakthrough, Health / Medicine / Science
Brendan Joel (Australia), Dr Russell’s Imaginarium, Cinematography
Cheryl Allison (USA), Pieces of Us, Documentary Feature
Cindy L. Abel (USA), SURVIVING THE SILENCE: The Untold Story Of Two Women In Love Who Helped Change Military Policy, Documentary Feature, LGBT, Direction, Editing, Original Score (Surviving the Silence)
Daniel Gartzke (USA), Rescue Story – Saving Companion Animals, Documentary Feature, Use of Film / Video for Social Change

Impact Documentary Festival

Daniel Gartzke (USA), TETHERED,  ARE WE THE EXPERIMENT?, Contemporary Issues / Awareness Raising
Danila Gulin (Russia), Cosmonauts, Documentary Short
Deana Uppal (United Kingdom), India’s Forgotten People, Documentary Feature
Diana Friedberg (USA), Max Steiner Maestro of Movie Music, Documentary Feature
Dorlisa Hommel (USA), MOM’s: More Than An Organic Market, Documentary Feature, Viewer Impact: Motivational / Inspirational
Gilda Sheppard (USA), Since I Been Down, Documentary Feature
Harbaldeep Singh (USA), Declaration of a Revolution, Documentary Feature
Hilco Jansma (Netherlands), The Otter, A Legend Returns, Nature / Environment / Wildlife
Iara Lee, Cultures of Resistance Films (USA), FROM TRASH TO TREASURE: turning negatives into positives, Documentary Short

Impact Documentary Festival

Iouri Goroulev (Belarus), The Book of Curses, Documentary Feature
Jakob Hochendoner and Drew Dickler (USA), FIREBOYS, Documentary Feature, Use of Film / Video for Social Change
Jon Osaki (USA), Reparations, Documentary Short
Keone & Mari Madrid (USA), Lolo, Documentary Short, History / Biographical, Contemporary Issues / Awareness Raising, Asian
Kyle Schmalenberg and Nava Kavelin (Canada), Glimpses Into The Spirit Of Gender Equality, Documentary Feature
LaTonya Turner, Nashville Public Television (PBS) (USA), Facing North: Jefferson Street, Nashville, Documentary Feature, History / Biographical, African American
Malcolm St-Pierre (Canada), Moustafa & Maram, Documentary Short
Michael N. Nagler, Ph.D (USA), The Third Harmony: Nonviolence and the New Story of Human Nature, Documentary Feature
Mike Hill, Moonshine Agency (Australia), Conquering Cancer, Health / Medicine / Science

Impact Documentary Festival

Paul G. Roberts (USA), FIFTEEN PERCENT & RISING, Documentary Feature
Peter Goetz (USA), Merciful Minds, Documentary Short
Rob Grobman and Antonio Melendez (USA), Gorilla Girl, Documentary Feature
Rona Segal (Israel), Mission: Hebron, Contemporary Issues / Awareness Raising
Scott Reed (Mauritius), Wosaka, Documentary Feature
Stephen Janis (USA), The Friendliest Town, Documentary Feature
TA Opre (USA), Killing the Shepherd, Documentary Feature, Cinematography
Tom Olsen (USA), Old-Growth Murder, Documentary Feature, Research
Toni Escandell (Spain), CABRERA,  The Ancestral Mediterranean, Documentary Feature
Yaniv Segalovich and Asaf Greenbaum, Go2Films (Israel), Perfect, Disability Issues

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