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The Green Book: Guide to FreedomYoruba Richen, Smithsonian Channel

Impact DOCS Awards Film Festival Competition

Yoruba Richen (USA), The Green Book: Guide to Freedom, Doc Feature – Emmy-nominee Richen’s insightful doc tells the unknown story of the emergence of the black middle class and their road trips from the 1930’s to the 1960’s – trips that were often perilous – arriving where they were unwelcome, threatened and harmed. To counteract this, Victor Green, a black postal carrier from Harlem, published a book that was part travel guide and part survival guide. It was called The Negro Motorist Green Book, and it helped African-Americans navigate safe passage across America. Meticulously researched and presented, it explores some of the segregated nation’s safe havens and notorious “sundown towns”. It gives witness not only to stories of struggle and indignity but also opportunity and triumph. It is a generous, complex exploration of the book’s practical function and cultural legacy. It illuminates the places where history was made, the ubiquity of black entrepreneurship and biographies of brave people fighting against the times. With commentary from important figures, a glimpse into the few businesses that remain today and the historical preservation efforts that are underway to protect some of them. Profound and poignant offering a wider lens on American history. A Smithsonian Channel production.

Impact Docs Awards film festival competiton

Impact DOCS Awards Film Festival Competition

Nick Reed and Ryan Azevedo (USA), Claire, Doc Short – Oscar-winner Reed and Azevedo bring to life the story of Claire Wineland who inspired millions of people through her popular YouTube channel, where she chronicled her battle with cystic fibrosis and helped “dignify people who are sick.” Told through insightful interviews and Claire’s footage, this tightly crafted, engaging and emotionally powerful doc successfully delivers on it’s intention to share Claire’s humanity, wisdom and passion for living your best life. Says Reed, “Claire taught us to not run from the terrifying parts of life and to live a life that you are proud of. My words cannot do justice to her wisdom, but she may inspire you to take one small step towards a more profound, fulfilled life. A Youtube Channel original.Impact Docs Film Festival Competition

Impact DOCS Awards Film Festival Competition

Pedro Pires (Canada), Alexandre the Fool / Alexander Odyssey, Doc Feature – Emmy and Canadian Screen Award winner Pires – delivers a sensationally unique doc exploring the journey of a man with schizophrenia, Alex, who seeks his place in the world by pursuing an artistic journey and a quest for love that pushes him beyond his usual emotional boundaries. Skillfully combining journalistic documentation with artistic creation, stunning, exceptionally cinematic filming and imaginative edits – it reveals Pires’s desire to situate the subject in the present and the concrete. It is a film that is all at once an intimate, disturbing and sublime odyssey but unquestionably filmed with respect for Alex’s journey.

Impact DOCS Awards Film Festival CompetitionGillian Mosely (United Kingdom), The Tinderbox, Doc Feature- BAFTA-winner Mosely delivers an extraordinary, balanced and heart-wrenching examination of the Isreali-Palestinian conflict – never before presented. Ancient and recent history, geopolitical issues, psychology and a deeply personal journey challenge what we think we knew. Producers Emmy-winning Andre Singer, and Emmy-nominated Richard Melman.

Impact DOCS Awards Film Festival CompetitionHoracio Alcalá (Spain), My Kingdom Come, Doc Feature – The story of Simón González – the thirteen-time Spanish kickboxing world champion whose career tragically ended by fall that left him in a wheelchair. A beautiful ode to  life, love and service told though his truth and kindness. Creative construction, excellent technical craft, stirring soundtrack and stunning cinematography by David Palacios. Producer Raquel Menor.

Impact DOCS Awards Film Festival CompetitionJethro Waters (USA), F/11 and Be There, Doc Feature – A commentary on civil rights, race, social justice, and art, told through the lens of legendary photographer Burk Uzzle. Waters deftly matched the aesthetic of Uzzle’s work resulting in a creatively stylized and emotionally stirring doc – carried by an exceptional fresh soundtrack by acclaimed musicians Natalie Prass and Eric Slick. A NY Times Critic pick.

Impact DOCS Awards Film Festival CompetitionShane Vermooten (South Africa), Kusasa, Doc Feature – Under the guidance of spirited and heartful coaches – a young football team from a shanty town in South Africa goes on the adventure of a lifetime to Sweden – to play in the largest youth football tournament. A wildly inspirational character driven journey, with pitch-perfect pacing and outstanding audio and lively cinematography. Producer Vlokkie Gordon.

Impact DOCS Awards Film Festival CompetitionOliver Goetzl (Germany), Mt Suswa, Life in a Volcano, Doc Feature – Goetzl brings his exceptional wildlife filmmaking talents to Mt Suswa in Kenya – the only place in the world where baboons roost in caves. A rare and mysterious place – showcasing an abundance of wildlife and previously unseen behaviors. A well-crafted script, exceptional footage, entertaining narration and beautiful cinematography. Aired NDR.

Impact DOCS Awards Film Festival CompetitionAlan Martin (USA), Smithsonian Time Capsule: Beyond Stonewall, Doc Feature – Veteran director Martin delivers an impactful doc highlighting the history and the attitudes and activism around LGBTQ rights that came about after the Stonewall riots. Combines well researched information with heart-warming personal stories and the pivotal role the Smithsonian is playing in preserving important pieces of culture and history.

Impact DOCS Awards Film Festival CompetitionJon Bowermaster (USA), A Living River, Doc Short – A tightly and deftly directed doc from award-winning filmmaker Bowermaster of the Hudson River and the dedicated people and organizations fighting to revitalize it defying decades of oppression and using the lessons of the past as an ecosystem to protect the future. Beautiful cinematography, poignant interviews and inspiring footage of youth programs.

Impact DOCS Awards Film Festival CompetitionJane Bardon (Australia), Songlines: Solutions to Climate Change, Doc Short – Walkley Award winner Investigative journalist Bardon delivers a unique take on climate change – turning to the wisdom of Australia’s indigenous peoples, bringing 60,000 years of caring for the country to combat environmental destruction…. and highlight the deeper problems humanity is facing.  ABC News Australia.

Impact DOCS Awards Film Festival CompetitionDavid Shilale (USA), Worcester 6: Heroes Remembered, Doc Short – A touching tribute to six brave men, their families and a fire department that will never forget the city’s most tragic incident. Marking the 20th anniversary, it celebrates their memory through touching interviews, their children who are now firefighters and the philanthropic efforts of Denis Leary to prevent future tragedies in his beloved hometown.

Adam Fischer (USA), Murder in Mobile, Documentary Short
Alexander Craven (USA), In the Same Direction: Jeff Pifher & Socrates’ Trial, Documentary Short
Alexander Lind and Jakob Jakobsen (Denmark), The Remandee, Documentary Feature
Alyscia Cunningham (USA), I Am More Than My Hair, Documentary Short
Amel Tresnjic (Australia), Talk For Life: English as an Additional Language, Documentary Feature
Anna Vinokur (Russia), Dance for it, Documentary Feature, Women Filmmakers
Anthony Sarracco (Canada), TENDENZA, Documentary Feature
Bruno Colella (Italy), Napoli Eden, Documentary Feature, Viewer Impact: Motivational / Inspirational
Cam Cowan (USA), OPEKA, Documentary Feature
Cheryl Jacobs Crim (USA), RESISTERHOOD, Documentary Feature

Impact Documentary Festival

David Arond (USA), The One and Only Jewish Miss America, Documentary Feature
David Barnhart (USA), Flint: The Poisoning of an American City, Documentary Feature
Gareth Gwyn (USA), Something to Give, Documentary Short
Gillian Mosely (United Kingdom), The Tinderbox, Viewer Impact: Content / Message Delivery, History / Biographical
J Mitchell Johnson (Russia / USA), Saving North – A Russian American Odyssey, Documentary Feature
James William Theres (USA), The SixTripleEight, Documentary Feature
Jane Bardon (Australia), Songlines: Solutions to Climate Change, Native American / Aboriginal Peoples
Jim Bernfield (USA), Me To Play, Documentary Feature
Julio Méndez (USA), God is not to blame, Documentary Short
Kamaran Karym (USA), Don’t Forget Them, Viewer Impact: Motivational / Inspirational
Keren Perlmutter (USA), Determined: The Story of Holocaust Survivor Avraham Perlmutter, Original Score (composed by Steven Chesne)

Impact Documentary Festival

Kevin Flannagan, Streetlight Movies (USA), Love Goes Public, Documentary Feature
Laurens Grant (USA), Black in Space: Breaking the Color Barrier, Documentary Feature
Melonie Kastman and Igor Kovalik (USA), FIGHTING FOR SURVIVORS, Documentary Short
Michael Murphy (USA), Up From The Streets- New Orleans: A City of Music, Documentary Feature
Mirra Bank (USA), No Fear No Favor, Nature / Environment / Wildlife
N.Shanmuga Sundaram and Nilanjan Neil Lahiri (Singapore), GRIT, Documentary Feature
Roman Gerodimos (United Kingdom), Deterrence, Documentary Feature
Richard Yelland (USA), Seeding Change: The Power of Conscious Commerce, Use of Film / Video for Social Change, Documentary Feature
Selket Kaufman (USA), A Voice for Whales, Documentary Short
Shannon Robinson (Australia), Ofeina’o Lesieli, Documentary Short
Shareable (USA), The Response: How Puerto Ricans are Restoring Power to the People, Documentary Short
Toni Escandell  and Jordi Escandell (Spain), MENORCA, BIOSPHERE RESERVE, Documentary Feature

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