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July 2017

An Ocean Mystery: The Missing Catch

Ten Danson Smithsonian
Alison Barrat (USA)
– Narrated by Emmy-winning actor and ocean conservationist Ted Danson, this film reveals a frightening truth about our oceans. Deftly directed by Alison Barrat (Sharks of the Coral Canyon, National Geographic Explorer) Missing Catch follows the work of the fisheries scientist, Dr. Daniel Pauly, as he investigates how close we are to a global crash in fish populations as he and his team make startling discoveries about the impact of black market fisheries, the recreational fishing industry and more. With 3 billion people dependent on fish for protein it’s one of the most important stories of our time and a call to arms for governments around the world. With exceptional and illustrative graphics,  gorgeous cinematography by Jim Ball and four time Emmy and BAFTA winner Doug Allen and moved along by a lush soundtrack from Emmy-nominated Robert NeufeldThis film is a co-production with The Smithsonian Channel and the Khaled bin Sultan Living Oceans Foundation.

Harrison Ford Documentary film festivalBo Landin, Toxic Puzzle, Doc Feature (USA) – Narrated by Oscar-nominee Harrison Ford, this is a medical detective story, a hunt for a hidden killer substance in the environment produced by some of the smallest organisms on Earth that scientists believe causes ALS and Alzheimers. Tight narrative, compelling and eye-opening.

Impact Documentary Film FestivalKern and Kip Konwiser, Make it Work: The Launch, Doc Short (USA) -Multiple Emmy-winning Konwiser brothers’ series made for Legendary Pictures.  Marrying imagination and industry with science & technology we follow PhD student Aadeel’s journey of compassion as he tries to bring robotic hands to the third world. Entertaining, inspiring and heart warming.

Impact Documentary Film Festival Public Square Media, Inc., Against All Odds-The Fight for a Black Middle Class, Doc Feature (USA) -Acclaimed journalist Bob Herbert explores the often heroic efforts of black families to pursue the American dream in the face of unrelenting barriers. A compelling narrative, dramatic footage and of deeply personal interviews are enlightening and moving.

Patrick M. Long, Forgiveness – The Secret of Peace, Doc Feature (USA) – The story of Fr. Ubald Rugirangoga, his life and his work in forgiveness, healing and reconciliation throughout Rwanda after the 1994 genocide. Features victims and perpetrators who have forgiven and reconciled. Shocking, thought provoking and touching.

Matthew K. Firpo, REFUGE, Doc Short (Greece / USA) – A chronicle of human stories from the European Refugee Crisis, focused on the simple, important fact that every refugee is a human being, with hopes and losses and families just like each of us.  Filmed on location in Greece the filmmaker creates artfully told stories with authenticity, rawness and genuine heart.

Edward Scott-Clarke, E-LIFE, Doc Feature (United Kingdom) – Against the backdrop of horrifying conditions of the Agbogbloshie scrapyard in Accra, Ghana we follow the cycle of eWaste and the human and environmental devastation brought about by electronics consumption.  Shocking, confronting and illucidating.

Thomas Marchese, Fallen, Doc Feature (USA) – Narrated by Emmy-winner Michael Chiklis, a humanizing look at line-of-duty police deaths and the profound impact on their communities.  Explores the humanity behind the badge.  Moving and convincing. With executive producer Emmy-nominated Brenda Strong.

Jakub Wagner, Rino – The Spy Story, Doc Feature (Czech Republic) – Spies, secrets and lies – the life of spy Karel Köcher, known today as the only East Bloc spy who has penetrated the CIA, was full of paradoxes, moral mishaps and strange coincidences.  A stylized and thorough portrait of an irascible and formidable man and his beautiful wife Hana.

Impact Documentary film festivalTim Watters and Eliza Muirhead, Fair Projects and Sea Shepherd, Jeedara – The Film, Doc Feature (Australia) – A Campaign to stop BP from establishing an oil rig off the Great Australian Bight.  Sea Shepherd boat ‘Steve Irwin’ documents the beauty and natural resources that would be forever destroyed by an oil spill. One of the big environmental wins of 2016.  Beautiful, inspiring and uplifting.

Devin Pickering, Hope on the Hudson, Restoring the ‘Clearwater’, Doc Short, (USA) – The sloop ‘Clearwater,’ built in the 1960s under the guidance of activist/musician Pete Seeger, represents the fight to protect the environment of the Hudson River.  Its restoration reminds us of the need for environmental activism. From executive producer Jon Bowermaster.

Abraham Joffe (Australia), Tales By Light: Life and Death, Documentary Feature
Annette Dittert and Daniel Moßbrucker (Germany), The Darknet. A journey into the digital underworld., Documentary Feature
Ansley Sawyer and Corey Embring (USA), Like We Don’t Exist, Documentary Short
Antonia Thomson (Canada), What It Takes To Be Extraordinary Documentary, Documentary Feature
Brent Miller Jr. (USA), The Coming Convergence, Documentary Feature
Charles Ewing Smith (USA), The Demolition of Truth –  Psychologists Examine 9/11, Documentary Feature
Christina Paschyn (Qatar / Ukraine), A Struggle for Home: The Crimean Tatars, History / Biographical
Claudia Sobral (USA), Hotel Everest, Documentary Short
Corbett Jones (USA), All We Need Is Another Chance, Documentary Feature
Daniel  Lombroso (USA), Rebranding White Nationalism: Inside the Alt-Right, Documentary Short
Debbie Howard (United Kingdom), Still Loved, Documentary Feature

Eric Spoeth (Canada), Waiting for Waldemar, Documentary Feature
Erin Heidenreich (USA), Rising Sons, Documentary Short
Gregory Miller (Australia), CULTIVATING MURDER, Documentary Feature
Jane Harris and  Jimmy Edmonds (United Kingdom), A LOVE THAT NEVER DIES, Documentary Feature
Jeremy Ervine (Australia), Fade to Black, Documentary Feature
Jeremy Raff (USA), What Will Happen to Undocumented Doctors?, Documentary Short
Juraj Horniak (Spain), Manufacturers of Dreams, Documentary Feature
Kyle Cadotte (USA), AWAKE – A Dream From Standing Rock, Documentary Feature
Kylie Tan and Priscilla Goh (Singapore), Man vs Birds, Documentary Short
Lieven Corthouts (Belgium), The Invisible City [Kakuma], Documentary Feature
Lisa Edwards (USA), ALFIE BOE On The Wheels of a Dream, Documentary Feature

Marcos Colón (USA), Beyond Fordlandia, Documentary Feature
Martin Feinberg (USA), Unstoppable Irving Fields, Documentary Feature
Nancy Frohman (USA), Cheers of JOY – The Road to The Special Olympics World Games, Disability Issues
Richard Yelland (USA), Between Two Harbors, Documentary Feature
Robert Tate and Pete Evans (USA/Australia), The Magic Pill, Documentary Feature
Sebastian Junger and Nick Quested (USA), HELL ON EARTH: THE FALL OF SYRIA AND THE RISE OF ISIS, Documentary Feature
Shaharbin Aboobacker, Inner Circle Entertainment (India), Jal Hai Toh Kal Hai – A Drop Today An Ocean Tomorrow, Documentary Feature
Sofia Wellman (USA), What’s Love Got To Do With It, Documentary Feature
Stacia Kalinoski (USA), Brainstorm, Documentary Feature
Tamer Soliman (Cayman Islands), DISCONNECTED, Documentary Feature
Toni Houston (Australia), Being Change, Documentary Feature



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