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Impact documentary Film Festival

July 2018

Alana Gregory (Australia), Deserve, Documentary Short
Allie Plepler (USA), Believe Me, Documentary Feature
Andrew Dickhout (Canada), A Racing Heart, Documentary Short (Student)
Angelique Webster (USA), Respect and LOVE, Documentary Short
Atif A K (USA), ED Vs IT: SOS, Documentary Feature
Aya Ben-Nahum, Shay Kaplan, Avraham Pesso (Israel), naomi, Documentary Feature
Carole Ryavec (USA), Letters from Slovenia, Documentary Feature
Chris Maybach (USA), KURT ROSENWINKEL: Jazz is Not for Everyone, Documentary Feature
Elizabeth Kaiser (USA), The Big Five Dive, Documentary Short
Emily Hughes (Canada), The Genius of Lenny Breau Remembered, Documentary Feature
Eric Overton (USA), Eulogy, Documentary Short
Eyal Tavor (Israel), The Last Gottlieb, Documentary Feature

Impact Documentary Film Festival

Florian Helwich (Germany), Colorful Costa Rica, Documentary Short (Student)
Gustav Ahlgren (Sweden), Before I Jump, Documentary Short
Guye Henderson (New Zealand), Slaves of the Oceans, Documentary Feature
Jane Chow (USA), Refugee Wave, Documentary Short (Student)
Jason Q. Lawrence (Canada), Promising Practices In Eskasoni First Nation, Original Song (The Best You composed by Jason Q. Lawrence)
Jennie-Sue Nuccio (USA), Through The Walls, Documentary Feature
John Trujillo (USA), Marked  4 Life: The Story of Sleepy Lagoon Tattoo, Documentary Feature
Kaitlin Creadon (USA), For the Love of the Child, Documentary Short (Student)
Karim Raoul (USA), In The Shadow of A Mountain, Documentary Short
Kat Rohrer and Gil Levanon (USA), Back to the Fatherland, Documentary Feature
Klara Van Es, Cassette for timescapes (Belgium), Zie mij doen (Watch Me), Documentary Feature, Disability Issues, Women Filmmakers
Leo Santos and Beto Chaves (Brazil), Right There – South Africa, Documentary Feature
Luca Leoni (Switzerland), OUTSIDE, Documentary Feature (Student)
Marie Elisa Scheidt (Germany), Our Wildest Dreams, Documentary Feature
Mathieu Faure (USA), An Edited Life, Documentary Short

Impact Documentary Film Festival

Matt Jeffery (USA), Skating Cuba, Documentary Short
MichaŁ Borczuch (Poland), Komodo Dragons, Documentary Feature
Mikhail A. Gershteyn and Marvin Stepherson (USA), Too Blue To Be Black, Too Black To Be Blue, Documentary Feature
Nan Li (USA), A Mission at 311, Documentary Short (Student)
Nicholas Dobkin (USA), Touching Sound: The Technika Documentary, Documentary Feature
Phil Gries (USA), Harlem School 1970, Documentary Feature
Sean Kernan (USA), The Kampala Boxing Club, Documentary Feature
Selene Means (USA), The Time is Already, Documentary Short (Student)
Serena Brinderson (USA), …Hence…, Documentary Short
Sophia Silverman (USA), A New Chance, Documentary Short
The Church of Almighty God (South Korea), The One Who Holds Sovereignty Over Everything, Documentary Feature
Tim Mercier (United Kingdom), Model Childhood, Documentary Short (Student)
Vivian Rivas (USA), Ebb Tide, Documentary Short (Student)

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